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Q&A: Is there a test for eyelash extension allergies?

This is most consistent with a contact allergic dermatitis reaction. You are either allergic to a substance in the lash or the adhesive. The adhesive is more likely the allergen. Contact allergy tests are done by patch testing. The material tested is put on a piece of tape and kept on your skin (usually the back) for at least 2 days. You can perform your own patch test unofficially  by putting the lash on your ankle or other skin area under medical tape or a band-aid for 2 days and see if the reaction occurs. If an adhesive is used separately for your lashes you can self patch that as well. If a self patch test shows a reaction you can find what ingredient is the culprit by more extensive patch testing at an Allergist or Dermatologist.

Q&A: What can I do to get some sleep with congestion?

Nasal and sinus congestion can certainly be caused be several different things including allergies and acute or chronic sinusitis.  So proper treatment always depends on proper diagnosis. To your question, nasal sprays are really only good for symptomatic treatment not necessarily getting rid of the disease. Patients often times feel the early benefits and continue to use them in hopes that they will continue to work. Unfortunately, as you are not treating the root cause with the nasal spray, they eventually don't work. These sprays can also cause worsening of symptoms and a condition known as rhinitis medicamentosa from overuse. This is also known as a rebound effect. When this happens, the unsuspecting patient will use the product even more and it becomes avicious cycle. At Solstice, we are very proactive about preventive wellness and nutrition. I would highly recommend our proprietary Modified Myers Cocktail which is IV Nutritional Therapy with Vitamins and Antioxidants. This direct infusion which only takes about 15 minutes, creates a 100% bioavailable dose of vitamins that you would otherwise only get 50-60% by taking them orally. In turn, you get an immediate boost in your immune system which creates a beneficial cascade of symptom improvement. Our IV Therapy treats a host of symptoms including allergies, the common cold, generalized inflammation, etc.  I would also recommend Omaprem, which is an omega-3 only prescribed by healthcare providers. This particular omega-3 contains 30 essential fatty acids which have proven time and again for the past 25 years to improve inflammatory conditions more effectively than the standard over the counter fish oils. Again, nailing down the proper diagnosis is critical, but the therapies mentioned that we provide at Solstice are always beneficial for any of the inflammatory or infectious conditions so it is a win win. Give these therapies a try in conjunction with stopping the nasal sprays and I am confident you will be able to reverse the symptoms you are experiencing. Thanks for the question and please let us know if we can be of any assistance!

Q&A: I developed some bumps around the waist that faded into flat red marks and began to peel. Does this sound like a skin reaction that will go away or something more?

sounds like some sort of hives if they persist and do not respond to simple antihistamines, see A Board Certified Allergist

My son now 5 yrs has severe eczema, no cream or lotion i

He needs to get to a BOard Certified Allergist it is time for specific care and besides the Allergist is the best for asthma care nowadays as well

Q&A: Is it possible to have 'gout' in the wrist area?

yes but more common in the great toe, etc... see your family doctor

Hello.I get this kind of blisters on my lower lip every time I get nervous,

probably is herpes but not necessarily the "bad" kind see your doctor

indeed, see your internist

The answers to your questions about cause are yes, yes, and yes, but house dust mite is most likely in your case as of now. Treatments are allergy shots with house dust mite and to discard, clean, and cover items contaminated with mite antigen, e.g. mite saliva, urine and droppings. I recommend seeing an allergist to establish a firm immunologic diagnosis.

I cannot recommend one. T.M. Golbert, M.D.

these are not allergy but he needs to see his family doctor

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