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Q&A: Should I be concerned that I still have bruising and pain from an ankle injury that is 3 months old?

It certainly sounds like you have a problem. What type of doctor looked at your ankle x-ray. It might be that there was a very small fracture and it was just missed. I personally had a fracture years ago in my wrist that went undetected for weeks before I learned to read the films myself. If you are not able to walk normally or wear shoes with a heel, I'll seek a 2nd opinion. The continued discoloration of your ankle could be nothing or it might indicate a problem that continues. My advice would be to see an orthopedist that specializes in ankles (not easy to find). In some states podiatrists are allowed to do surgery and therefore have much more training that most people are aware. Keep me informed please.

Q&A: What can I do if I experience pain in my neck and now in my wrists, fingers, shoulders, upper arms, knees and ankles from a 6 month old car wreck?

Hi Becky, You need to see a Doctor of Chiropractic who is trained in the detection and correction of motor vehicle trauma. For a list of qualified doctors in your area see . If you went to the emergency room you need to understand that their job is to save lives and to insure that you'll live until you can get an appointment elsewhere for care. They are not trained to correct the biomechanical problems associated with a car accident. Seek a qualified doctor for treatment as close as you can find. You may need multiple visits over weeks or months to correct your problems so proximity is more improtant than when seeing your OB once a year. Please schedule an evaluation as soon as possible.... those children need their mom at 100%. If you are able to get help, the sooner you get started the better you outcome will be. Keep me informed of your progress at

Q&A: What are my options if my wrist bones have shifted and I suffer from gout?

If you do have Gout. I hope you are eating a proper diet, staying away from Red meat in particular, you should also limit your intake of dairy products. As far as your wrist goes I hope you have consulted a doctor. I dont really know what gluing the wrist in a nuetral posion means, but If it is do to a fall and your wrist is not propotioned correctly then I would recommend an Orthopedic surgeon to help this problem

Q&A: What can be done for my son's compression fracture to heal and eliminate the pain?

Hi Beth, Even with a compression fracture, your son may benefit from conservative chiropractic care. It is important to inform the doctor of your sons history of compression fracture. There is a special form of care that is extremely gentle and can be preformed on those patients with healed fractures or even osteoporosis. Go to to locate a doctor in your area that is trained in this form of care. Other therapies that may help to minimize his episodes are massage, yoga, and stretching exercises. The important thing is to insure that the areas above and below the fracture site continue to move properly in order to prevent premature degeneration and arthritis from an improperly moving joint. Best Wishes Dr. Jim

Q&A: What takes longer to heal, a break or a fracture of the 4th and 5th metatarsal and why?

Dear Sharon, The difference between a clean break and a fracture is one is still intact and the other has broken into two pieces or more. there are many forms of fractures such as avulsion,spiral etc and all have different healing times. To answer your question a slight fracture as compared to a clean break will heal faster because it still is intact and has less healing to do. This is in comparing oranges to oranges. Meaning the same area.

Q&A: My 51 year old mother has severe pain, what can I do?

Tabitha, This sounds very frustrating to you and i can understand. Has she tried acupuncture? This would be my next step if you have exhausted all other fields. I don't know why her head jerks. I wish I could help you. My last question is did the chiropractor actually perform manipulation. what i mean is did he/she actually move the bones where your mom heard a popping noise in the neck. Many chiropractors do not perform manipulation but actually utilize different methods and people tend to think that is what chiropractic is. I have come across this many times and then they go to a chiropractor get a "real" adjustment and feel better. I am not saying that the chiropractor did not perform his/her job just giving you something to ask your mom. there has to be some answer. She is too young. good luck. Dr. Sambursky

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