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Q&A: Are bruises on my knees normal after having them adjusted?

This depends on a number of factors. What you can do is give us a call and we can ask you additional information and help you find a solution to your question. Some patients have certain conditions were they can bruise easily after a practitioner touches them and other times it can be from being too rough with a patient in order to accomplish a successful treatment during that visit.

Q&A: I was diagnosed as having strained hip flexors with tendonitis. How long will it be before I can run and jump again?

Hi Emily, Having strained hip flexors and tendonitis is a diagnosis. I am sure that your physical therapist is performing stretching exercises and possibly using ultrasound or other physical therapy modalities. What people forget is that each muscle turns into a tendon at the end and inserts into a bone. Many times a chiropractor can determine from examination where the actual cause of the problem is. If there is a spinal malposition of the Hip/Sacro iliac bone or it is not in its proper position it can cause undue stress and pressure on the nerve which can refer pain to the affected area as well as cause irritation to the muscle. Since you are 15, I would talk with your mother or father or both about going to see a chiropractor. Your healing time will probably be faster and many chiropractors perform physical therapy along with chiropractic manipulation. Manipulation is usually painless especially in a girl of your age where there is minimal damage and deterioration of the spine and pelvis area. By the way if you have not had an xray the chiropractor may take one to pinpoint where the problem is. If you had one you will need to bring it with you. I think that the condition that the doctor is conveying is a degenerative condition causing deterioration of the spine. This is probably due to the damage when his back was broken. Good luck.

perhaps more practice is necessary

Q&A: What should I do if I continue to have pain and mobility issues from a knee injury and the orthopedic doctors is recommending no further treatment?

Hi Kim, I was wondering if you were an MD or a Nurse due to the terminology you were using. First let me say that knees aren't my specialty, but I do have a good bit of knowledge in the area. I used to work closely with orthos in the fitting of rehab knee bracing years ago. Your knee sounds like it needs some attention. How you are going to get it, I can't say. I can tell you that sometimes there are cases that get ignored because they aren't "surgical" cases. In my opinion you need some PT at the LEAST. The fact that you have "bad insurance" shouldn't keep you from getting some rehab. The knee needs to be strengthened. The ligaments will not heal properly unless stressed along the lines of function. I'd either ask my current MD to write a script for some rehab or get a new MD. Thanks for being a part of the most underpaid and under appreciated professions.....nurses are awesome gifts from God. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Dr. Heinz

Dear Shelley, It can be many things but mostlikely it is one of two things. A pinched nerve in the lower back usually refers pain along the course of the nerve. In many cases the usual symptoms are lower back or hip pain, buttocks pain/numbness tingling and leg pain associated with numbness in the foot or toes. the other condition which is less likely but depending upon your age is arthritis in the hp with a possible circulatory problem. I would suggest you see your doctor and ask him his opinion and possible referral to the proper physician. I would consider chiropractic but make sure through a thorough examination and possibly xrays that the proper condition is diagnosed. Since i have not examined you I can not properly diagnose the condition so please again see your own physician before consulting anyone else. good luck, Dr. Sambursky

Unfortunately you probably pulled the muscle near the Tendon. The tendon is what connects the muscle to the bone. Unlike muscle injuries which heal in a month or two. An injured tendon may take up to a year to heal. The reason is, the muscle receives blood supplies, but the tendons receive far less. Blood heals it brings nutrients and takes away toxins. I would advise moist heat and definitely stretch (no bouncing) at least 15 minutes before doing any type of physical activity.

Q&A: What are my chances of rehabilitating my back from a grade 3 spondylolisthesis without surgery?

Dear Jen, Many people suffer from spondylolisthesis. They range from grade 1-4 with 4 being the worst. i have seen very symptomatic grade 1 and asymptomatic grade 3. Many times the spondylo does not play a factor but is an incidental finding. Now this may not be true in your case but i would need more information in regards to your history. My opinion is you should consult with your physician and see if there are alternatives. As a chiropractor i have treated many spondylo's and have had great success. Good luck, Dr. Sambursky

Q&A: Why has my mother lost motor skills after an infection from spinal surgery and use of a durogesic patch?

Dear Gary, Sorry to hear this. It is possible if she is losing her motor skills that the surgery could have caused some damage. I would suggest an MRI of the area. the patch i am unsure but many mental problems may occur from medications. Memory loss may be one of them. Ask your pharmacist. He will definitely know. I would take your mom quickly to another neurosurgeon not an orthopedist. Once again sorry. Unfortunately i do not have the privelege to see her chart. Dr. Sambursky

Ms. Peterson It sounds like you could have a spine problem that is irritating the nevers exiting your low back. Problems of this nature can cause pain from the buttocks to the thigh. The fact that it increases when you begin movement is also an indicator. Check for a list of chiropractors in your area. Also is another source for finding doctors in your area. In either event, a chiropractic checkup is the best place to start. A good evaluation will let you know if there are any reasons you should be seeing another type of doctor like a neurologist or an orthopedist. Good Luck, Dr. Jim

Q&A: What is my chiropractor now telling me he can not treat me because I have a herniation?

What a great question! There are several definitions of subluxation but let me give you the one that makes the most sense to me: A subluxation is an alteration in the movement or alignment of a joint that alters the normal function of the muscles or nerves in the area. A herniation requires a little anatomy lesson. The discs are donut like tissues made of cartilage that act as spacers between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine. The disc is filled (like a donut) with a jelly like material. When the disc is injured the disc walls can break down. Then pressure on the inner material pushes out on the edge of the disc causing a bulge in the side of the disc. The bulge may be mild or severe. One study showed that 40% of people have a bulging disc at some level even if they have no pain. These people later did develope pain within 2 years. If the bulge is severe it can compress the nerves in the area and cause pain, numbness and tingling, or even loss of muscle strength in an arm or leg depanding on the location of the injury. If you experience loss of bowel or bladder control go immediately to the hospital. A condition like is very rare but it is SERIOUS and may require surgery. I'm puzzled by the comment that chiropractic doctors are not "authorized" to treat disc injuries. Several doctors such as Dr. James Cox in Indiana and Dr. Paul Markey have devoted their careers to teaching and training other chiropractors in the treatment of disc injuries. Some medical doctors may be unaware of the specialized training we undergo for this purpose and therefore may feel that chiropractors are not qualified. The confusion may be that you were only told about the disc herniation after you been under chiropractic care. Regardless of the how or why, if you are getting better you could continue your care, if you are not, you should seek other alternatives. A therapy that you may not be aware of is called Vax-D. This form of care is specifically for disc herniations and is the next level after chiropractic care has been tried and has failed to produce results. Vax-D should be considered before surgery. Feel free to contact me if you need the location of a Vax-D factility in your area. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Jim

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