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Q&A: What procedure can a 55 year old have done to improve dull, sagging facial skin?

There are a variety of procedures to address aging skin.  We have procedures such as the Time Machine Procedure that help to rejuvenate skin and then there are treatments such as Botox and Fillers which can be done in combination to improve skin wrinkling.  There are also treatments such as BBL which greatly improve skin tone and texture with no down time.  Botox is the best treatment for the wrinkles in the brow area while skin tightening procedures and fillers help the area around the mouth.  In consultation we will determine which of these treatments is best suited for you.

Q&A: Is it possible to have plastic surgery if a patient is diabetic?

Hi Ray, thank you for your very important question. Diabetes, in itself is not a contraindication for cosmetic surgery. It is important to have it controlled and certainly it needs to be carefully monitored and the blood sugar tested the day of surgery. As with all medical conditions a proper evaluation and clearance should be done by the primary care physician. The healing could be effected to some degree depending on the type of surgery and severity of the diabetes and that should be taken into consideration before final decision is made.

Q&A: What type of surgery would help with sagging cheeks?

The appearance of facial aging due to time, sun exposure, or weight loss often includes skin laxity (looseness) and volume loss.  Often, fat grafting or other types of fillers and/or lifting procedures such as brow lift, face lift, neck lift can help reverse these changes.

Q&A: I have redness in my face and was wondering if there is a procedure to take it away?

Hello.  Whether the issue is related to redness or Rosacea, it doesn’t matter much when using pulsed dye lasers.  The laser is designed to close the very small blood vessels present very near the surface of the skin that cause the redness.  Closing these small blood vessels decreases the redness and returns the skin to a more natural tone.

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