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Q&A: Can anything correct how my face swells with pain after rhinoplasty?

In a rhinoplasty in which simultaneous nasal airway management is done, the middle and superior turbinates are rarely treated. Most commonly only the inferior turbinate is reduced/removed. Thus they were not bypassed per se. The inferior turbinates are much bigger than the middle and superior turbinates and are the more frequent source of nasal airway obstruction. They can be treated secondarily  and you should see your surgeon in followup to determine if they are contributing to your current facial symptoms.

Q&A: I had a sinus infection and have a lot of pain. What can you suggest?

As you would expect, it is difficult to diagnose a possible skin problem without actually seeing it. Since you mentioned a recent sinus infection treated with an antibiotic and nasal steroid, the current is probably related, and likely a benign skin irritation from the recent infection and medications used. The initial therapy would be using either topical hydro-cortisone ointment or just Vaseline regularly for 5-7 days. If you don't see any improvement or if it worsens, you should consult back with your treating doctor.

Q&A: If I have Meniere Disease and Tinnitus, can a tube be placed in my ear to drain the fluid?

Because of the location of the fluid, (if that is the cause) it can't be drained with a tube as may be done for a person with chronic otitis.
The cause of Meniere's is not fully understood, but can be treated with nausea medication, motion sickness medication or diuretics.

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