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Q&A: If we want one more child and want genetic predetermination for a boy, should we reverse my husbands vasectomy or have in vitro fertilization?

If you want one more child, in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection with sperm recovered via precutaneous epididymal sperm aspirationi (PESA) would be my recommendation if everything is still normal with you. Sex selection with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (embryo biopsy) for family balancing is controversial but many centers, inclding mine, offer this service to patients. Reversing the vasectomy would be better if you wanted more than one child and did not care what the gender was. I hope that this helps. Daniel A. Potter, MD, FACOG Huntington Reproductive Center

Q&A: I want to get pregnant but I have no fallopian tubes. Can I have them put in or undergo a fertilization technique?

Sorry, no one can replace human (or otherwise) fallopian tubes yet. Without tubes, your only option for achieving a pregnancy is via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). I hope this is pretty clear to you. If I can be of further help to you, please let me know. Dr. Roseff Visit us at

Hi, The price differs from doctor to doctor and state to state. I would have no idea what the fees are in your area and by your fertility specialist. Dr. Roseff, Director W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us on the web at =================================================== Since I don't know your entire history and haven't examined you, any medical information given to you may be incomplete or inaccurate. Therefore, Dr. Roseff and his staff can not be responsible for any actions taken or not taken due to the information contained within these communications. These communications are for educational and informational purposes only, and should never be used to replace the information and care rendered by your own doctor. ==================================================

Q&A: My husband's sperm do not travel to the egg. What can be done?

Hi Allison, Your husband needs to see a Urologist who specializes in male fertility. I work with several, and can make a recommendation here in NJ (I know it's far) if you want. If he has already seen a qualified Urologist, and if the sperm won't get to where they need to go, you may need to undergo insemination or in vitro fertilization. I hope this helps! If you want to undergo further diagnosis and advanced therapy here, please let me know. Dr. Roseff, Director W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us at

Q&A: My husband had a vasectomy reversal and sperm is normal and yet we cannot conceive. What should we do?

Dear Sharon Definitely go see a fertility specialist. You husband most likely have antisperm antibodies even after a successful reversal. Inseminations may be an option if antibodies are not present, otherwise u may need IVF. Good luck Fady I. Sharara, M.D VCRM

Q&A: Is there anything else you may recommend besides acupuncture, reflexology and herbs to get pregnant?

Dear Kathy There are other ways to stimualte your ovaries gentler. I do not recommend you waste more time on these other techniques since you only have one tube and you have been trying for some time. Good luck 

Q&A: Is it at all possible I could become pregnant without invasive treatments?

It's possible to conceive with your FSH levels, although the likelihood is low. Also, you would be at a very increased risk for miscarriage, due to diminished egg quality. I hope the acupuncture and herbs help! Good luck.... 

Q&A: How can I go about selling my fertility eggs to families in need?

Check with your local medical society for "IVF programs that use egg donation". Dr. Roseff Visit us at

Q&A: What is the cheapest way for me to get pregnant if my husband had a vasectomy?

Dear April Your husband needs to see a urologist first to see if he is even a candidate to have the procedure reversed. Artificial insemination will obviously not work since he has a vasectomy done.

Q&A: Where does the ovum go if your tubes (fallopian tubes) are tied? And how does this affect me having a reversal of the sterilization procedure done?

The egg goes into the fallopian tube, travels to the site of blockage, and dissolves there. The ovum/oocyte/egg is microscopic, and doesn't affect the success of a sterilization reversal prcedure in any way. Thanks for your question! Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG - Director of W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us on the web at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I may not know your entire medical history, and I may not have examined you, Dr. Roseff (W.E. C.A.R.E.) can't be held liable for any consequences of your actions taken (or not) as a result of the medical information conveyed in this message. This communication is for your general information, only, and should never be used as a substitute for the medical advice/care of your own physician. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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