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Q&A: What should I do to get pregnant if my husband's sperm count is very low, my doctor has me on clomid and I developed a uterus polyp?

Hi Ronit, You need to IMMEDIATELY see a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. If your partner's sperm is truly as bad as you make it sound to be, it really seems to me like you've been wasting your time with a doctor who is not a true infertility specialist. Since you're located in our tri-state area, you're welcome to come here for an opinion by a qualified RE - otherwise, you should see an RE in CT ASAP! Hope this helps! Dr. Roseff, Director W.E. C.A.R.E. in NJ Visit us at

Q&A: What should I do to get pregnant if my husband's sperm count is very low and my doctor has me on clomid and I developed a uterus polyp?

Dear Ronit The polyp needs to be removed. The paraoscopy is plus/minus. However, you are wasting your time with clomid and IUIs. It seems to me (with the info on your husband's semen analysis) that you need to have IVF with ICSI since his sperm is so weak. Why don't you discuss this with your doctor (is he a board certified reproductive endocrinologist?). I can only go with the info you gave us, so I cannot make a comment on whether your doctor is doing the right thing for you. Good luck

Q&A: What can I do to get pregnant if my period is very irregular and my last period was 6 months ago?

Dear Lisa It is time to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), and not a regular endocrinologist. You may require some medications (including one called Metformin), but you need an appropriate doctor. FInd out which city is close by that has some REs. Good luck Fady Sharara, M.D

Q&A: What can I do to get pregnant if my period is very irregular and my last one was 6 months ago?

Hi, You desperately need to see a reproductive endocrinologist!!! It is highly abnormal and unhealthy for you to go so long without periods, as this can increase your odds of health problems and even cancer. Didn't anyone give you a diagnosis? Do you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? You MUST be tested and treated appropriately, and if no one has told you not to go more than a few months without a period then you've been poorly cared for! If you need a referral to an RE in CA, please let me know if you're closer to L.A., San Diego, San Francsisco, or other large cities. Dr. Roseff, Director WECARE Visit us at

Q&A: How safe is taking progesterone while I am attempting to become pregnant via artificial insemination?

Yes, this medication is extremely safe, so do not worry. You need to ask your doc what is the plan if this does not work. IVF should be the next step. Good luck Fady I. Sharara, M.D VCRM

Q&A: Will cervical dysplasia ten years ago and the resultant scarring prevent me from getting pregnant?

The cervix produces mucous, and the mucous is important for being able to conceive (with intercourse). Rarely, the mucous producing glands are destroyed when the cervix is lasered or frozen, and this can decrease the odds of pregnancy if this happens. A simple test, called a postcoital test, can be done at the time of ovulation to see if your mucous is normal with intercourse. Ask your doctor about this test (some people call it a Huhner test). If the postcoital test is normal, then your cervix history is not an issue for fertility.... Good luck! Dr. Roseff, Director W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us on the web at: =================================================== Since I don't know your entire history and haven't examined you, any medical information given to you may be incomplete or inaccurate. Therefore, Dr. Roseff and the W.E. C.A.R.E. staff can not be responsible for any actions taken or not due to the information contained within these communications. These communications are for educational and informational purposes only, and should never be used to replace the information and care rendered by your own doctor. ===================================================

Q&A: What should I do if I want to get pregnant and I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago and did nothing about it?

A Reproductive Endocrinologist would be best since we are more familiar with PCOS when conventional treatments (like clomid) do not work. Your husband would need to be investigated of course, you would also need an HSG and some other tests (thyroid, prolactin). Your gynecologist can start ordering these tests, but if you are not pregnant after a couple of clomid cycles you should see a fertility specialist, preferrably a board certified one. good luck


Dear rebecca It does not sound very promising, but IVF should be able to help. You may needa surgery to remove the hydrosalpinx first before doing IVF (and if it cannot be removed to cut the connection between the tube and uterus). Good luck Fady I. Sharara, M.D VA Center for Reprod Medicine

Q&A: Can I have a baby after having a sterilization procedure?

It is impossible to know how much of your fallopian tube remains or if it can be fixed. Unfortunately, this would mean going through the cost of surgery, and the prolonged recovery and not be certain that the tubes could be fixed. Sterilization procedures are meant to be permanent. For most women IVF offers a much more cost effective option to achieve another pregnancy with a much lower risk of subsequent ectopic [tubal] pregnancy.

Q&A: Can I chart my minstrel cycles / ovulation to determine the best time to get pregnant if my period is irregular and I had tubal reconstruction? ?

Hi, If your periods are irregular, then you're not likely ovulating properly. If this is true, this would make it harder to get pregnant, increase your odds of a miscarriage, and make it hard (if not impossible) to chart ovulation. Assuming you had your surgery by a qualified reproductive endocrinologist, you should contact your RE and discuss testing to find out why you have irregular cycles, along with what the proper medication would be to help you ovulate and conceive. I hope this makes sense.... Good luck! P.S. - I also hope they told you about an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. Scott Roseff, MD, Director W.E. C.A.R.E. Visit us at ======================================== The information herein should be used for educational purposes only, and should never be used as a substitute for medical advice/care by your healthcare provider. Dr. Roseff assumes no responsibility for any actions taken (or not taken) by you due to the information contained herein. =========================================

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