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Q&A: What options do I have to get better numbing / sedation for oral surgery? OUCH

You can try sedation with a qualified dentist that performs IV anesthesia. Contact your local dental board for more info.

Q&A: Should I stop Accutane for acne and how far in advance before having oral surgery?

Good question. Accutane must be stopped several months prior to cosmetic laser surgery due to its affects on sebaceous gland function and skin keratinization. It is also well known to affect many other areas of your body, including inhibiting contraceptive drugs. Oral skin has both areas of keratinization and without and there are no sebaceous glands in the oral cavity so the chance of problems are most likely small but may slow the healing of the gum tissue. I would suggest you also contact the prescribing doctor.

Q&A: I have an overbite and want to know who I should see to fix this and give me a wider smile?

Rachel, It sounds like you need an orthodontist. Find one who is certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. You may need jaw surgery if you have such a deep bite. If so the orthodintist will direct you to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Q&A: When will the pain end for the impacted wisdom tooth I had extracted 5 weeks ago?

Sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately without having your original xray to review I can only tell you that it is not uncommon to have a prolonged recovery time at your age with the removal of a difficult wisdom tooth. From what you described it sounds as if your doctor has done all the right things by taking a xray and placing you on antibiotics for a short period of time. I am sorry that they did not explain the potential for delayed healing prior to your surgery. In many situations it may take up to 2 minths to obtain a complete recovery. Good Luck

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