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Q&A: Do I have any options if my insurance company will not cover the repair of my under bite resulting in eating problems?

Kelly, Unfortunate for many, insurance companies often apply the cosmetic surgery rules to orthognathic surgery. They feel the establishment of a functional bite is nothing more than cosmetic surgery, and most companies will not cover cosmetic surgery. It may take a number of appeal and review letters to get the company to assist you. You may need to make a number of calls to the company, and have both your doctor's office and your employee benefits rep make calls, too. If it can be a benefit to any medical problems you have, e.g.TMJ, gastric problems, air way problems you might get a favorable responce. Check also that your benefit handbook excludes or does not exclude corrective jaw surgery. It may mean changing docs, but if they do cover it it may mean you have to see a new provider. Good luck

Q&A: What types of treatment are available and what are the success rates for a locked right TMJ (disc)?

Many options are available both surgical and non-surgical. If this is a recurring or chronic problem, you need to be examined by an OMFS in your area who will be able to give you a better evaluation than I can on my computer. Dont be afraid to ask s/he questions just like this one.

Q&A: What should I do if I might have fibromyalgia and I currently have continued pain from TMJ / TMD?

If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a Rheumatologist, succesful treatment of the fibromyalgia may also bring a relief to the TMJ symptoms. Repositioning of the disk can help recover alot of function but if this has been a chronic problem, physical therapy after surgery may be warranted to help regain some range of motion. A second opinion can be helpful.

Q&A: Can I avoid braces if I have oral surgery to correct a severe overbite?

The standard of care leans towards orthognathic surgery (ie: corrective jaw surgery) involving atleast an oral & maxillofacial surgeon and an orthodontist. Proper tooth alignment can be critical for a stable and acceptable outcome.

Q&A: What can my mother do regarding TMJ and is now addicted to the pain medicines and has developed a tolerance?

Unfortunately, providing the correct solution for your mothers problem is impossible without seeing her in person. Take her to a surgeon for an evaluation.

Q&A: What is a Myofacial doctor and can they help me with TMD issues?

A myofacial specialist is someone who has had extra training in the treatment of TMJ/TMD problems. I would suggest you find out about his/her training before you start training. Too many times there are general dentists who take a few weekend courses over the years and call themselves expert. Your doctor should have had a residency at an accredited hospital. That residency should have been at least two years in length. There are very few true myofacial specialists, although there are many dentists who consider themselves as such.

Q&A: What it the consensus of opinion for the use of Botox in treating TMJ pain and tight muscles caused by very hard gritting during sleep?

I am not familiar with the use of Botox in treating TMJoint dysfunction.

Q&A: What should I do if my left and right cuspids are out of place and the roots of my teeth protrude?

I think you should go ask an Orthodontist, they take care of these type of problems .

Q&A: The roof of my mouth is very narrow. What kind of procedures can be done to help make it more round?

If you have no functional or bite problems with your jaws, you dont need to worry. Procedures are available to widen either jaw and they range from orthodontics to various surgical procedures. If you are having a problem, I suggest seeing both an orthodontists and a surgeon. Your dentist should be able to point you in the right direction.

Q&A: What methods are available to correct an overbite or recessive chin or lower jaw?

Your top jaw should cover your lower jaw. If you are referring to a recessive chin or lower jaw, many procedures are available. Many involve orthodontics and surgery. Start with a referral from your general dentist to an oral surgeon.

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