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Q&A: Why do so many teeth have to be extracted if my son has Mandibular Hypoplasia and how much will this take?

In general it appears that your son has been diagnosised with Mandibular Hypoplasia. The correction of this condition is performed with a procedure know as Orthognathic Surgery. If you are interested in the sequencing of this treatment you can look at the AOMS Home page or speak to a Board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. As far as when his treatment will be over is difficult to say specifically, however in general the whole process can take up to two years and surgery is timed after your son has completed his facial growth. Good Luck

Q&A: Are there any laser techniques to extract bad teeth?

No, There are no lasers available that can remove teeth. If you are concerned about the procedure maybe you should consider having the procedure under sedation. Good Luck

Q&A: Is there something more I can do to speed up healing and remove numbness after my wisdom teeth extraction?

Not much to do. If you are feeling itchy or tingly, that is a good sign. Seldom is the numbness permanent. Be patient and follow up with your surgeon.

Q&A: What should I do if the orthodontists refuses to put in braces unless a orthognathics, jaw surgery or partial glossectomy is done?

I am confused also! I cant recommend the glossectomy when orthognathics or distraction osteogenesis will do the job. Texas is filled with top notch oral surgeons. get another opinion.

Q&A: Is it normal for the teeth next to where my wisdom teeth were extracted to hurt when touched?

What you are describing is not uncommon and should resolve. If this continues, follow up with your surgeon or dentist to evaluate the teeth.

Q&A: What should I specify as my major to help me get into dental school?

Harmony, It really doesn't matter what your "major" is . The important thing is to see what pre-requisite courses are necessary for the Dnetal Schools your wish to attend. Some require core knowledge in the sciences, math, psychology, a foreign language, the humanities etc... You can get this information in the college library catalogue section. I also suggest you purchase a DAT book. (Dental Appitude Test) All accredited dental schools require a DAT exam prior to admission. Much like the SAT you took last year. It will also have information your will need for your application. In my class we had every type of college major. One of the better students actually was a Music major, and he was great to have at parties, too. (Do not become an engineer, they have no personality) Gook luck, work hard, AND have fun; but most importantly learn to become a well rounded person. Learn to deal with people one on one, and you should succeed in anything.

Q&A: Should I let my now present wisdom teeth come in if I had 4 extractions before having braces which are now removed?

Myra, You had braces, and wanted to let your third molars to erupt? ot a good idea. If you had to have extractions for the braces, I'd guess you have a small mouth. If there is no room for the molars to erupt then you could be threatening the long term stability of your orthodontics.( I hope you're weariing your retainer!) Sounds like you have pericoronitis. I'd call your orthodontist, and have him refer youto an Oral surgeon. Don't let your general dentist do the extractons.

Q&A: When can I expect the numbness in my chin and lower lip to go away, resulting from a broken jaw two weeks ago?

It depends upon the severity of the fracture, often numbness is a finding when the jaw breaks at the angle(behind the wisdom tooth area). Good news is that often the feeling will return within several weeks of the injury, if the fracture was not too severe, but the bad news most of the time when it does return it is not complete, but is tolerable and does not interfere with normal activities. The really bad news is, there will be patients who never get their feeling back, this can occur with badly displaced fractures, fractures where pieces are broken and pushed totally out of their normal position, and penetrating injuries. Good luck.

Q&A: Do I need a crown, root canal or both if I have a cracked tooth but it does not show on the x-ray?

Dear Susan, Not all crowned teeth need root canal treatment. If you have a crack in the tooth's crown, then restoring the tooth with a gold or white crown is OK. If the tooth is cracked in the root, a root canal may not help, and the tooth may be lost. Tooth fractures are often not seen on xray.

Q&A: Should I be concern for myself and my boyfriend if I have a Papilloma lesion, possibly from HVP?

HPV is implicated in some papillomas and is generally a benign lesion that when removed, does have the chance for recurrence if indeed HPV is the reason why its there. You may have been exposed to this virus casually or through sexual contact. The mechanics of heterosexual sex generally leads to men having a better chance of passing it on than becoming infected.

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