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Q&A: What can I do to stop the pain and stimulate bone growth in my one undeveloped jaw?

The only way to get both sides symetrical is with surgery. Get the TMJ symptoms under control before proceeding to surgery. I would recommend discussing options with your oral surgeon.

Q&A: Can jaw reconstruction surgery be done without the need for braces prior to the surgery?

The standard of care tends to dictate that braces should be involved prior to surgery but I would base that on a case to case basis. Talk with your surgeon.

Q&A: What should my son consider to eliminate the pain in his jaw if his ears are OK and his bite is OK with minor grinding?

Find a dentist who will evaluate your son for bruxism. Although I agree TMJ surgery is a last resort, and not an indication in your son's case from the information you provided, it does have its benefits, as does splint therapy.

Q&A: What are the sedation options if I potential need surgery on my teeth (#1, 16, 17 and 32)?

If your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, see an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in your area for treatment. They are trained in anesthesia and are more capible of handling any complications that may occur as a result of the anesthesia or surgery. He or she can discuss with you the techniques of anesthesia that are available, and inform you of the risks and benefits of the surgery far and away better than a general dentist can. Nothiing against general dentists, but they should stick to drilling and filling and leave the more complicated treatments to specialists.You are fortunate that Denver has many excellent surgeons in town and in the surrounding area(Lakewood etc...). I would no more let a general dentist sedate me or a member of my family than I would let a podiatrist treat a cardiac problem. Good luck.

Q&A: What can I do outside of corrective jaw surgery to improve the appearance of my jaw if I have TMJ?

Have you tried wearing a veil? Seriously, your question is so vague I can't even begin to offer you an answer.

Q&A: How severe will the correction surgery be for removing to masses in my sinuses and will my face be cut?

Usually an endoscopic or intraoral approach is used and the severity depends on the condition.

Q&A: Could my jaws and TMJ be causing my severe headaches?

If chewing is painful you could have a TMJ problem. I would think it was in your best interest to see a dentist.

Q&A: Are my jaws and possible TMJ giving me sever headaches and what can I do?

The jaw removal may have something to do with it but I would suggest that you see your local dentist. I am going to refer you to a web site ( for more info on an appliance that may help you with the headaches. This device is called a NTI that is worn like a splint but has better success with treating TMJ problems and headaches. Good luck.

Q&A: What should I do if I have pain in both jaws, neck and shoulders and sever headaches and was diagnosed with TMJ?

Can't make an opinion based on what you're stating. Surgery is usually a last option, have you had other opinions? If not, you should.

Q&A: What should I do if my right jaw now pops after I had jaw surgery on the left side?

call the doctor who did your surgery and be re-evaluated.

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