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Q&A: Who should I see if I have a sore throat off and on, drainage, feel weak and nauseous, and have joint pain?

Your case is out of my field, as I am not and ENT or Allergist. I would suggest you see your primary care physician for a complete exam. He may suggest a mono spot test to rule our Mono. The dose of omincef can be one per day in most cases.

Q&A: How long should I deal with the pain of dry socket after teeth extractions and I have been on medication?

Adult dry sockets are often more difficult to treat when they occur. Keep your appointments with the doctor and keep changing the dressings as needed.

Q&A: Could I have a relapse after I have surgery on both jaws and my palate widened?

You should discuss this with the doctor doing your surgery.

Q&A: What should I do if I have concern about drug allergies and I need extensive dental work done?

If your allergies are that severe, I would suggest you discuss it with your allergist, and seek care in a hospital setting.

Q&A: What should I do if the pain and infection is back after I had an apioectomy (retrograde root canal treatment)?

Recheck the root canals, recheck the apicos, and check the teeth for fracture.

Q&A: What are the parameters to perform a lingual frenectomy and the cost?

I agree with Dr. McNamara. If the surgeon wont do it, which I highly doubt, find one that will. Usually when the tongue cant get past the lower teeth or lip, that is justification enough in my opinion.

Q&A: How involved and the cost of a lingual frenectomy?

If it bothers you, that should be enough reason to do a frenectomy. It is not a difficult surgery, and costs are normally less than $250.00.

Q&A: What should I do to address my pain when my dentist nor my oral surgeon can find anything wrong?

I cannot give you an opinion based upon the information you have given. i.e. your age, sex, general health, occupation, past medical history, etc... may or may not be important with regard to the symptoms you express. I might suggest the following: 1) Make an appointment with the nearest University Medical Center for a complete physical examination. 2) be sure the Medical Center has an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department for consultation 3) helpful tests would be a complete blood work up, a bone scan, chest xray, etc... Your pain could be any number of things, from fracture of the roots of the tooth next to the cystic area to osteomyelitis(bone infection), to tumor metastasis from another location, and ANYTHING in between. Without more information and a complete exam I can't be of any more help.

Q&A: What can I expect if my 7 year old daughter may have a molar that is connected to the bone?

I would recommend that you seek the advice of an orthodontist before considering any surgery. Your orthodontist may be able to identify the problem if their is any and many times in conjunction with a surgeon they can help bring an impacted (in the bone) tooth into the correct position in your daughters mouth. Good Luck

Q&A: Am I I too old at 40 to have my gums and teeth fixed so my mouth does not protrude so much?

No you are not to old for maxillofacial surgery. However the more important question is will maxillofacial surgery help you. I would sugest that you discuse your concerns with your orthodontist and seek their referal to a qulified surgeon. Good Luck

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