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Dear Shileen, I cannot offer you any case history for medically necessary orthodontics related to sleep apnea,or not. I would suggest you ask your surgeon to go to bat for you, as well as the orthodontist, and your primary care physician. However, it is not unusual for orthodontic care to be denied as the insurance companies consider it elective, and cosmetic. Good luck.

Q&A: Is it possible to get Osseous surgery, without doing bone grafts, to repair advanced periodontal disease with pockets?

It's possible, but only half the job. You don't mention if the pocketing is generalized, or isolated, nor did you mention mobility of the teeth, or presence of infection,or if the involved teeth are all in the same quadrant, your age, your general health, and your hygeine habits etc..., so its difficult to answer your question. Periodontal surgery only benefits those people who are comitted to maintain almost perfect oral hygeine. If your home care is poor you'd be wasting your time, the dentist's time and a lot of money.

Q&A: What is the procedure to correct a severe overbite?

Linda, Go see an oral surgeon and an orthodontist to a complee examination and xray series. You may be a candidate for corrective jaw surgery. Sometimes orthodontics and splints alone just isn't enough to correct a bad bite, and it sounds like you have a very small lower jaw. There is treatment, it won't be quick, it won't be easy, and it won't be cheap. You will need to ask docs in your area what the fees could be, I have no idea what they charge in Indiana.

Yes. Dental implants can provide artificial teeth that look natural and feel secure. Dental implants can also be used to attach full or partial dentures. Implants, however, are not an option for everyone. Because implants require surgery, patients must be in good health, have healthy gums, have adequate bone to support the implant and be committed to meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental visits. If you are considering implants, a thorough evaluation by your dentist will help determine if you would be a good candidate.

Q&A: How much would it cost to have dental implant surgery?

Dental Implants can vary in cost. They range from 1000 - 1500 dollars an impplant. This figure does not include the actual tooth portion and you would need to ask your dentist about these costs because they are specific to your treatment plan.

Q&A: Do I need to stop taking Accutane for acne if I need to have a wisdom tooth removed?

It should not prohibit you from have the tooth removed.

Q&A: What will be done to remove two masses found in my sinuses?

JoAnn, you need to ask an ENT physician

See your surgeon.

Is this a joke? You had surgery seven years ago and haven't been back to the dentist since;then had a car accident 36 months ago,and have problems which have gone unevaluated and untreated. What do YOU think you need to do?

Q&A: Is it possible for a cyst removed from under my son's chin to return?

Dear Mr Mills, I am sorry to hear of your son's affliction, hiwever, you should really direct your question to either a General Surgeon or a Head and Neck ENT surgeon. Good luck.

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