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Q&A: Are veneers the most conservative option and what is the price range?

Hi Nick, 
Veneers are a wonderful choice to repair, reshape or add a lighter color to  stained, broken, uneven or un-esthetic teeth. The most popular veneers are made of lifelike porcelain, while other materials  such as bonding can be very attractive and sometimes more economical. As a conservative alternative, consider orthodontic treatment with clear aligners or braces when teeth are crooked or crowded. Whitening can change the color of even the darkest stained teeth. Usually, the most conservative option is the least invasive option which at the same time gives you the desired result. If a treatment does not give you the result you wish, it is the least desirable choice. Veneer fees vary depending where you live, the experience and qualifications of your dentist, and the complexity of your treatment. Fees range from $100- $750+ for bonding, and $750 to $2500+ for porcelain veneers.
In general it is best to share your concerns with your dentist, and they will help you to select the most conservative option for your needs.
Enjoy your Veneers!

Q&A: What would be a good option to replace or cover my rotting teeth and the cost?

Well, with the information provided, I can only give you a guess. Rotting teeth can mean any number of things. They can be filled with fillings, or restored with crowns and veneers. Depending on how many teeth are rotting and the extent of the rot, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 per tooth for a simple filling to as much as 850 for a crown and veneer. If some teeth require root canal therapy, then there will be additional fees involved. At our office we do a comprehensive treatmetn plan for each patient and give a written estimate for the services to be performed Sam Puri DDS

Q&A: Is $4,400 a reasonable price for four (4) porcelain veneers and what is typical for veneers and crowns?

Dear Mr. Hamilton, If you are happy with the previous bonding ,just have the tooth re-bonded to eliminate the crack. If you opt for the veneer, the national averages range from $350.00 to $659.00 per each (Dental Practice & Finance, Nov/Dec 1998 issue). Due to the shape, color, and size of your teeth, 4 veneers may be recommended at one time (for cosmetic reasons). The charge for veneers at my office is $450.00 each.

Q&A: Will I have damage from shifting teeth and should I consider a Maryland bridge for two extracted teeth?

To answer your question properly and fully, I would need to know your age and what teeth were extracted. Please write back with this information.

Q&A: Do people really get used to a partial plate for replacing missing teeth?

Partials although uncomfortable at first are a way to replace missing teeth. You will eventually get used to it. A more modern solution is to replace your teeth with dental implants. They act as the root of the tooth and allow you to have normal teeth without the bulky metal partail. As far as getting your upper teeth pulled, i dont recommend it. Dentures are even more difficult to get used to than partials. Sameer Puri DDS

Q&A: What should I do if I have severe sensitivity to cold and it is painful to bite down since having six veneers put in?

Hello, It is not unusual to experience sensitivity anytime a bonding procedure is done. Veneers are bonded to the tooth and the sensitivity is ok. It should go away in a few days or weeks. If it continues or gets worse, then have the dentist take a look at it. Sameer Puri DDS

Q&A: What should I do if I have had a migraine headache and sore templates since having three back teeth pulled?

Hi Kat, Maybe you should see an oral surgeon. I doubt if there is any problems but you never know. A through exam from another doctor may be able to shed some light on the situation. Although it is normal to have discomfort after an extraction, 5 weeks is way too long for this to continue. Sam Puri DDS

Q&A: Should I seek a second opinion if my 7 year old son's dentist now wants to extract a molar that was filled and had an infection twice?

Dear Tammy, The dentist was trying to save the tooth. However, if he now feels it should be extracted, he should do so but also he should fabricate a space maintainer for that area. A space maintainer is a small metal piece that will keep the teeth on each side of the extraction area the proper distance apart until his neww tooth grows in.

Q&A: Is there such a thing as invisible braces?

You are in luck. there are several ways to get straighter teeth without showing metal in the mouth. First there are clear braces. They are basically the same as metal braces but they are made of a plastic resin material instead of metal. the procedure is the same. you get the braces and wear them for 1 to 2 years for straighter teeth. In our office we have an exciting procedure we do called "instant orthodontics" This is basically a procedure to get straighter teeth without braces in about two weeks. Using a wonderful technology called procelain veneers, we straighten your teeth quickly. With this procedure you can not only change the shape of the teeth but the color as well. Sameer Puri DDS Private Practice Los Angeles

Q&A: Is there anything I can do to save my two front teeth if I had periodontitis?

Actually no. there is not only anything you cannot do but you should not due. Trying to save hopeless teeth will only delay the inevitable. Also it will make replacing the teeth in the future much more difficult. My recommendation is to remove the teeth and see someone about getting dental implants placed instead. If you try to save the teeth you will destroy the bone further and then not have anybone left for implant placement. Sam Puri DDS

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