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Q&A: What is my chiropractor now telling me he can not treat me because I have a herniation?

What a great question! There are several definitions of subluxation but let me give you the one that makes the most sense to me: A subluxation is an alteration in the movement or alignment of a joint that alters the normal function of the muscles or nerves in the area. A herniation requires a little anatomy lesson. The discs are donut like tissues made of cartilage that act as spacers between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine. The disc is filled (like a donut) with a jelly like material. When the disc is injured the disc walls can break down. Then pressure on the inner material pushes out on the edge of the disc causing a bulge in the side of the disc. The bulge may be mild or severe. One study showed that 40% of people have a bulging disc at some level even if they have no pain. These people later did develope pain within 2 years. If the bulge is severe it can compress the nerves in the area and cause pain, numbness and tingling, or even loss of muscle strength in an arm or leg depanding on the location of the injury. If you experience loss of bowel or bladder control go immediately to the hospital. A condition like is very rare but it is SERIOUS and may require surgery. I'm puzzled by the comment that chiropractic doctors are not "authorized" to treat disc injuries. Several doctors such as Dr. James Cox in Indiana and Dr. Paul Markey have devoted their careers to teaching and training other chiropractors in the treatment of disc injuries. Some medical doctors may be unaware of the specialized training we undergo for this purpose and therefore may feel that chiropractors are not qualified. The confusion may be that you were only told about the disc herniation after you been under chiropractic care. Regardless of the how or why, if you are getting better you could continue your care, if you are not, you should seek other alternatives. A therapy that you may not be aware of is called Vax-D. This form of care is specifically for disc herniations and is the next level after chiropractic care has been tried and has failed to produce results. Vax-D should be considered before surgery. Feel free to contact me if you need the location of a Vax-D factility in your area. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Jim

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