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Q&A: I have a fibroid, will I still be able to get pregnant at age 37?

It is important to know where the fibroid is within the uterus. If it is not inside the uterine cavity itself, then it is questionable if it would affect your fertility but may cause pain during pregnancy.  

 If it does protrude into the uterine cavity, then fertility will definitely be compromised unless it is removed. Becoming pregnant is usually not advised for 6 month after removing this type of fibroid, but your age needs to be taken into consideration.   If you are over 35, it is possible to preserve your fertility until your uterus is healed.  This is done by going through an InVitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle but instead of putting the embryos back into your uterus, they are cryopreserved (frozen in time) until the uterus is healed.  

The good news is that if the fibroid is entirely within the intrauterine cavity, it can be removed with hysteroscopy surgery and attempting pregnancy would not need to be delayed significantly. 

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