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Q&A: What is the cause of and timing for the loss of a large lump in my cheek following 4 wisdom teeth extractions?

Dear Kristen, As you will no doubt learn in your orthopedic rotation what your are experiencing in a bony callus formation over the area where the bone was removed during the wisdom tooth extraction. As the natural underlying bone heals it will lay down a protective layer. As the socket fills the callus will disappear. It may last three weeks, but usually by the second week, baring any inflammation or infection, it should be quite small, and only perceptable with palpation. The pain in the more swollen side is most likely muscle inflammation which is best treated by ASA or NSAID and moist heat. Use the heat as you did the first day or two with the ice packs. You will have beter pain relief if you take the OTC meds on a regular schedule, just don't exceed the daily recommended dose ( prevent GI upset). You trismus, tight jaw will resolve faster as well with consistent use of the moist heat when you can do so. Do not attempt to over do jaw motion, as it will just further inflame the tissue. Stick to a softer diet and be protective of yawning and sneezing( I know sounds odd, but think about it) Also, as your resident will learn as time goes by...young women will swell more at your age for a number of reasons (big teeth, small mouth, his inexperience, length of time it takes to complete treatment etc...)but one he won't realize for a while is if he is right handed, all his patients will swell slightly more on the left because access and visibility are more difficult on that side for a right handed operator, especially if he was sitting down for the surgery! Us old guys still stand up for everything! Good luck with school and don't worry about your cheek, it will be very self limiting.

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