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Q&A: How much will it cost for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

"Amber, Outcomes after IVF are often quite good. A general health evaluation as well as a fertility evaluation including an evaluation of ovarian reserve and semen analysis along with your age can help your physician predicts the odds of success with IVF. In most clinics, IVF will be more cost effective and reduces the recovery time after surgery and the risk for subsequent tubal pregnancy often seen following a surgical repair of the fallopian tubes."


"Hello,There's a couple of different charges for a Tubal Ligation Reversal. The estimated charges from our provider is $5000 & estimated charges from the hospital are an additional $6000-$9000. Our physicians would also discuss the option of doing IVF & provide details of the success rates of this treatment option vs a tubal ligation reversal. Please feel free to make an appointment to inquire more details. Thanks for inquiring."

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