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Q&A: What age is too late to have Tubal Ligation Reversal done and does your insurance pay half?

The success of achieving pregnancy after tubal reversal declines with age, just like the fertility of any other women.  Some women’s eggs are depleted before other women so it is advised to obtain tests of ovarian function prior to tubal reversal.  This will allow your doctor to counsel you accordingly.  Most women begin to experience fertility decline, slowly after 32 and by their mid-40s, it is very difficult (not impossible but difficult) for a patient to become pregnant with her own eggs.

Your question regarding insurance is not an easy one to answer.  Every insurance policy is different; it depends on the plan that the employer selected.  Some policies cover the entire procedure and others do not have any coverage.   We recommend that you do two things.  One: Contact your company’s human resource department and obtain a copy of your plan summary description.  This should be a one page sheet that will provide basic information on your medical policy.  Second: Call your insurance company and ask them to provide you with information regarding the coverage of tubal reversals.   Any time you contact your insurance company, always obtain the person’s name with whom you are speaking and also ask them for a call reference number.  This information will prove helpful if they provided you incorrect information and you need to have them refer back to a specific call.

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