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Q&A: I have extreme back & neck pain from 10G breasts, what do you suggest?

It seems that you have a cause and effect with large breasts causing neck and back pains with the denting of the shoulders.  This is a very common problem and although you cannot promise a patient that they will be rid of the problems with a breast reduction, it certainly helps in most patients with large breasts.
When doing a breast reduction,it is important to have a free flow of ideas of what amount of tissue you want left after the procedure.  This can vary widely and your input is crucial to direct the plastic surgeon to know how much to remove.  With your bra cup being this large, you should expect a significant improvement.
Hope this helps.

I would start by saying come in for an examination - but it sounds like you would benefit from a breast reduction

A breast reduction will decrease the size and weight of your breasts along with lifting and reshaping them

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