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Q&A: Is my 3 year old daughter too young to have surgery for open bite and how do I find info on Lefort I Osteotomy?

The correction of an open bite is often done with a Lefort I osteotomy. The majority of the patients that undergo this procedure are older than 15 years old enless they have been diagnosed with a facial syndrome that requires a staged surgical correction. In these patients the final effects on overal growth and developement is unclear because of their underlying condition. For this reason I would be perfectly clear about your childs long term treatment plans as well as the primary diagnosis. Once you know this information you will be able to make a much better decision. For additional information about Lefort I osteotomies I would reccommend researching these key words on the web and at your local public library. Orthognathic surgery Craniofacial surgery Jaw corrective surgery good luck

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