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Q&A: Would the use of NSAIDS and muscle relaxants work for TMJ and other joint clicking and what else should I do?

NSAIDS and muscle relaxants are a good start. It certainly sounds like joint derangement so it needs rest. Add a soft, nonchewing diet to what you are currently doing now for 2 weeks and see if you get any relief. Often the disk/condyle relationship changes leading to pain. If left untreated, DJD will ensue just like any other joint. Surgery is a last resort. Often an appliance can help alleviate symptoms and I would recommend an NTI appliance. This helps reduce joint stress by removing the reflex contracture of the temporalis muscle that pulls against the lateral pterygoid (part of which attaches to the disk). I also recommend 600mg advil q4-6 regardless if pain is present while you try the nonchewing diet. This device will also help with headaches. Good luck. Feel free to contact me ( if there is no improvement.

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