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Q&A: What should I do if my dentist suggests cutting down my gums to save my teeth for 5 years before extracting them?

Go now and make an appointment with someone else for a second opinion regarding your teeth. You did not state your age, or if you have any medical problems, or illness which could have contributed to this problem. I have no idea what type of "bone loss" you have, how much is gone, how stable the teeth are, or aren't, and I have not examined your mouth, nor seen your xrays. But if it were me, and some dentist said he wanted to cut my gums away so I can keep my teeth, maybe for 5 years, i would wonder why. If he's so sure you're going to loose them why does he need to take several thousand dollars out of your pocket first. If they're really that bad, don't do it. Have them extracted, and replace them with either a bridge or partial denture. If another dentist says they're not that bad then you know the first guy just wanted your money. I have yet to see a patient that was even remotely happy after gum surgery, and I've been in practice over 20 years! GOOD LUCK!

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