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Q&A: What should I specify as my major to help me get into dental school?

Harmony, It really doesn't matter what your "major" is . The important thing is to see what pre-requisite courses are necessary for the Dnetal Schools your wish to attend. Some require core knowledge in the sciences, math, psychology, a foreign language, the humanities etc... You can get this information in the college library catalogue section. I also suggest you purchase a DAT book. (Dental Appitude Test) All accredited dental schools require a DAT exam prior to admission. Much like the SAT you took last year. It will also have information your will need for your application. In my class we had every type of college major. One of the better students actually was a Music major, and he was great to have at parties, too. (Do not become an engineer, they have no personality) Gook luck, work hard, AND have fun; but most importantly learn to become a well rounded person. Learn to deal with people one on one, and you should succeed in anything.

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