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Q&A: Was my application of veneers abnormal because I had a lot of pain and still have sensitivity to hot & cold?

Sometimes veneers can be placed with little to no tooth reduction. Other times, a lot of tooth reduction is required. This is particularly the case when the natural teeth jut out, are twisted, or are rotated. Cases like this are sometimes called "instant orthodontics" because the end result looks like the teeth have been moved (but the illusion is due to porcelain veneers). In short, the more reduction that is required -- the more risk that it will be a painful experience and there will be root canals involved. That also provides part of the explaination why one person may have a virtually pain-free experience and another person may have a very different one. Some people just have a higher pain threshold than others. There are a variety of pain reduction devices (e.g., computer controlled anesthetic delivery devices) and techniques that are helping to minimize pain. At this point, however, pain is still a risk when teeth structure is reduced. Ususally, the pain subsides fairly quickly and the residual sensitivity to temperature goes away spontaneously. You should keep in touch with your dentist and have him check it out if the pain continues. You'll probably just be left with a beautiful smile and feel like it was well worth it.

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