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Q&A: How would I go about picking a anxiety doctor?

Look for someone in your area who specializes in anxiety, as I do.  Often, anxiety is accompanied by depression or some other symptoms, so see if someone has expertise in those areas as well.  I have several other specialties, and see if those are also areas of concern for you.  Look  to see who has been working in those specialties for many years, as opposed  to just starting out.  Has someone published books or articles in professional journals in those areas?  You may need to look beyond the titles to see if they fit your circumstances. 
Is there a particular therapy approach you want to work with?  Do you understand the differences between those possible approaches to therapy?  You can learn something about that on my website.
While you may want  to find someone who is the least expensive, consider how you would balance your desire for cost savings vs. your desire for significant expertise and experience in the the areas you want help with.  Along that line, think about whether you need to stay within a certain insurance plan or would you be willing to go outside of that insurance plan to work with someone who has the expertise and significant experience you are looking for, even if it costs you more.
When you call the person, ask whatever questions may arise for you to see if that you feel comfortable talking with that person.  

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