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Q&A: What causes the labia to be stretched and so discolored?

The normal labia minora can vary greatly in length and color and can change with age and childbirth.
Women are now more conscious of the appearance of the labia due to Brazillian waxing, leggings, yoga pants and prevalence of porn on the internet.  The trend is a preference for short labia that also provide for more comfort for those who are physically very active.
The color of the normal labia also vary from pink to darker shades of brown depending on the individual's skin tone. With trim techniques the darker tissue that some women dislike can be removed. Care must be taken to leave behind an adequate ledge of  labial tissue to avoid functional problems. 
Labiaplasty is a relatively newly popular procedure and requires understanding of anatomy as well experience with surgical techniques that are safe and reliable. When performed by skilled, experienced Plastic Surgeons, it carries a good safety profile and high patient satisfaction rating.

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