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Q&A: Do I have any options if my insurance company will not cover the repair of my under bite resulting in eating problems?

Kelly, Unfortunate for many, insurance companies often apply the cosmetic surgery rules to orthognathic surgery. They feel the establishment of a functional bite is nothing more than cosmetic surgery, and most companies will not cover cosmetic surgery. It may take a number of appeal and review letters to get the company to assist you. You may need to make a number of calls to the company, and have both your doctor's office and your employee benefits rep make calls, too. If it can be a benefit to any medical problems you have, e.g.TMJ, gastric problems, air way problems you might get a favorable responce. Check also that your benefit handbook excludes or does not exclude corrective jaw surgery. It may mean changing docs, but if they do cover it it may mean you have to see a new provider. Good luck

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