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Q&A: Can I get pregnant after a c-section and my tubes being clamped?

Prior to performing a reversal I would recommend blood work to assess your ovarian age. If you have a new partner I would also recommend a semen analysis. If the tests are normal then we can proceed with a reversal. There is financing available. The cost can range from $6400 to $8100 depending on the length of time it takes to perform the reversal. If you have any questions please call our office.

Thank you for your email inquiry.  The total cost of our tubal reversal surgery is $5926.  We work with a medical loan financing company called Prosper HealthCare lending.  You can apply for a loan through them from the link on our web page.  Your other financing option is to make payments on your account after your consultation with the physician if you are deemed an appropriate candidate.  We would schedule the surgery once the balance is paid in full.
Please let me know if you have other questions.
Jody L. Halloran, CPC
Practice Manager

Dear Kristi,
A tubal reversal is a little more involved than just removing the clamps.  The two pieces of tube need to be stitched back together during an operation that takes 2-3 hours.  Currently the total cost is approximately $9000 and requires an overnight stay in the hospital.  I am working on performing this procedure as an outpatient, which should lower the cost.
I am also planning to link with a medical credit company to provide financing.  These two changes should make tubal reversal more accessible to patients.

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