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Q&A: I was diagnosed as having strained hip flexors with tendonitis. How long will it be before I can run and jump again?

Hi Emily, Having strained hip flexors and tendonitis is a diagnosis. I am sure that your physical therapist is performing stretching exercises and possibly using ultrasound or other physical therapy modalities. What people forget is that each muscle turns into a tendon at the end and inserts into a bone. Many times a chiropractor can determine from examination where the actual cause of the problem is. If there is a spinal malposition of the Hip/Sacro iliac bone or it is not in its proper position it can cause undue stress and pressure on the nerve which can refer pain to the affected area as well as cause irritation to the muscle. Since you are 15, I would talk with your mother or father or both about going to see a chiropractor. Your healing time will probably be faster and many chiropractors perform physical therapy along with chiropractic manipulation. Manipulation is usually painless especially in a girl of your age where there is minimal damage and deterioration of the spine and pelvis area. By the way if you have not had an xray the chiropractor may take one to pinpoint where the problem is. If you had one you will need to bring it with you. I think that the condition that the doctor is conveying is a degenerative condition causing deterioration of the spine. This is probably due to the damage when his back was broken. Good luck.

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