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Q&A: Is it possible to get a crown that matches my veneers in color and finish?

The problem that you are having was caused in part by the type of crown that was placed. The crown you have described is called a porcelain fused to metal (or PFM) crown. Sometimes PFM crowns are fabricated where the metal margin shows at the gum line and this can give an unsightly aesthetic result. They also frequently lack the translucency and coloring of a natural tooth. If at all possible, an all-porcelain crown would be preferable from an aesthetic standpoint. An all-porcelain crown has the same type of material as was used in the veneers (porcelain) and therefore stands a greater liklihood of matching the veneers. Another problem that arisies in your case is that it presents more of a challenge to the cosmetic dentist and lab to match a single tooth color that is placed after the other restorations are already in place. To the extent that the lab, dentist, batch of porcelain, etc. are different, color and texture matching is made more difficult. Finding a good cosmetic dentist may appear difficult. This is partly because cosmetic dentistry is not presently recognized as a specialty branch of dentistry and many general dentists perform some types of cosmetic dental procedures. But, choosing one with the right education and experience that compliment your needs and wants is critical to achieving the most successful outcome. The best way to find an accredited cosmetic dentist is go to, which is the website of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The AACD is the leading organization for cosmetic dentistry and it has a rigorous accreditation process whereby dentists must demonstrate their excellance in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry to a panel of judges. Good luck on getting a gorgeous smile!

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