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Q&A: What is the pricing and the pain involved in get porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are the premier standard in cosmeitc dental restorations. They are thin shells of porcelain laminate that are premanently bonded to the front of your teeth. When properly placed by an accredited cosmetic dentist, they can make stunning improvements in many peoples' smile. As for discomfort, the natural teeth only receive minimal preparation or reduction for the veneers. Usually, some reduction is required so that the teeth don't look bulky or unnatural. But, depending on how twisted or out of line the natural teeth are, the reduction may be only 1/2 a milimeter or so. The anesthetic devices that today's experienced cosmetic dentist use -- such as the computer controlled Wand delivery system and the Stabident system that gives virtually instant numbness -- makes this procedure virtually painless for many people. The cost varies by the number of veneers needed. For each individual veneer, the cost may range from $1 - 2,000. Many people say the cost is worth it as not only their smile has been enhanced, but their image, confidence, and love life has changed so dramatically, their only regret is that they wish they'd done it sooner!

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