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  • Pentacam for Your Eye Exam and LASIK Practices

    Not all technology is created equal. Dr. Mozayeni has done his research to determine the newest and best technology available that will enable him to provide the best patient care and deliver the best results.

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  • Finally you get to enjoy clear and crisp vision without the assistance of contacts or eye glasses. Your LASIK surgery was a complete success! Many LASIK patients think they can see clearly now, so there is absolutely no reason to ever visit an optometrist again. Unfortunately, this assumption is simply inaccurate. It is still imperative to go in for a general eye exam once a year after the LASIK procedure.

  • Water Skiing without Glasses

    Haven’t heard of Visian ICL™? This new technology injects advanced lenses permanently in the eye to correct even the worst of vision. It can correct near-sightedness, severe myopia, cataracts and more.