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  • Infographic: Baby Boomers Turn 50 Facts and Tips

    By the year 2015, 45% of the U.S. population will be 50 or older. However, staying healthy has become a prevalent trend for this age group. 82% of adults 50 and older use the Internet to research health and wellness. Since 1987, the amount of Americans heading to the gym age 55 and up has increased 266% (making it the fastest growing age group among gym members). Over the next decade, U.S. baby boomers will spend $1 trillion dollars on wellness-based services, a significant increase from the previous amount of $200 million.

  • Infographic: Sedentary Lifestyle Stats and Info

    Sedentary lifestyle - A lifestyle that is predominantly inactive. Those who sit for 5 or more hours a day.

  • Four Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

    Fish dinner for reduced cholesterol picture - LocateADoc.comAs with most things in nature, the body requires balance. A balance between low-density lipoproteins (LPLs) and high-density lipoproteins is vital to a healthy level of cholesterol. When people talk about reducing cholesterol, they really mean balancing it -reducing the level of LPLs and increasing the level of HPLs essentially. An increase in the level of HPLs is a natural way to make sure that LPLs are reduced, since the body aims for a healthy, natural balance. All of the ways to increase your HPLs to give yourself a more healthy cholesterol level are easily available and don’t require any special medicine.

  • How Does Dental Health Affect Overall Wellness?

    Woman brushing teeth for dental health picture - LocateADoc.comYou may not think it’s an absolute necessity, but your oral health is just as significant as your overall wellness. Fact is, this is one reason dentists never run out of business. The answer is pretty obvious – their services are not an option for people to ignore or else sooner than later you will be forced to pay the dentist a visit, either from incessant toothache, decay or social embarrassment from mouth odor. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), about 50% of Americans visit their dentists each year and most of them have excellent overall health status.

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  • Photo of aspirin and heart disease LocateADoc

    You may have heard for a long time that taking a baby aspirin a day can help you reduce the risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular events, such as a stroke. However, the Food and Drug Administration has now challenged that line of thinking for the prevention of first heart attacks.

  • Photo of heart skips a beat LocateADoc

    Have you ever noticed your heart “skipping a beat”? Whether you are working out, or you are just sitting around, this sensation, known as a palpitation, is somewhat common. While some people experience palpitations only every so often, some people experience intense palpitations on a regular basis. What causes one’s heart to skip a beat? There are a number of different reasons you may experience this sensation.