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Artefill before and after, Artefill cost, Artefill problems and Artefill reviews were the search terms that this woman used on Google to find us.  The same she really wanted to fill under her eyes but she did not want to use Juvederm or Restylane because of the blue hue problems those fillers can cause under the eyes and because she wanted to use a longer term or permanent filler for under the eyes.  She also wanted to add a little volume to her lips to stay proactive in staying looking good and not getting lip wrinkles.

We used 2 syringes of Artefill or Bellafill for her treatment with just 0.4 cc for the upper lip and 0.2 cc of Artefill or Bellafill for the lower lip, right in the middle to accentuate the lower lip pout. 

An atraumatic cannula technique was used to reduce swelling and bruising after the injection.

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