How To Prepare for Liposuction Surgery

Dr Thomas Write liposuction picture - LocateADocOne of the most important parts of preparing for liposuction is to educate yourself on all aspects of the procedure. The desired effect of liposuction is to rid your body of excess fat and weight, but you must prepare yourself for what you should realistically expect. You may have an idea as to how much it costs, but this can vary tremendously from patient to patient. There are tons of small questions that must be answered before you decide is this is an appropriate option for you.

Often the best candidates for liposuction understand the results as they expect and can afford the procedure. Not to mention, they have an appropriate medical history to match the demands of this invasive cosmetic procedure. To gather all of this information you will need to go in for a visit with your doctor.

Thomas Wright, M.D.“After your initial consultation, you as the patient should come away with a pretty clear understanding of the procedure while getting a better feel for the surgeon’s methods and suggestions for the preparation and healing process," Chesterfield, MO cosmetic surgery Thomas Wright, M.D. said. "The goal is also to get a good estimate of the overall cost of your liposuction treatment including any possible travel expenses should you be seeking treatment from a surgeon in another city or state from you. Don’t hesitate to inquire how the surgeon counts the treatment areas to arrive at the final cost as some surgeons will treat the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen as two separate regions, each associated with their own treatment costs. Other surgeons may consider the hips and waist as separate treatment areas as well, so if you’re planning to treat both these regions of your body, there’s a possibility you’ll have to pay for both.”

As you can see, if you visit with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Wright you will have a much better idea about all aspects of the procedure. You’ll know how long it takes to recover, what results to expect and how much you will owe. The doctor will walk you through liposuction from start to finish, so that you can know what to expect if you decide to go through with the surgery.

The last thing we want to remind patients is that the results of liposuction on not permanent. Patients should prepare for the procedure, but they also should plan on maintaining a diet and exercise routine after the procedure to make sure they keep their results!

If you are curious about finding out more about a liposuction procedure consult with a local cosmetic surgeon to help you decide if this is the right procedure for yourself.

To find more information on liposuction, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or ask a doctor your questions.

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