Pros and Cons of Injectectable filler Juvéderm

juvederm before and after picture - locateadocAs we age, wrinkles, pot marks, scars and other small issues begin to negatively impact the skin, but you do not have to settle for this appearance.

Over 11 million men and women have turned to minimally invasive injections such as Botox to help alleviate the signs of aging Juvéderm is one of the many filler injection options, but Botox and Juvéderm are not the same! While Botox Injections prevent wrinkles, Juvéderm goes into fill the wrinkles. Both treatments provide some aging relief without undergoing any serious cosmetic surgery.

Juvéderm is a gel filler that smooths away wrinkles around the mouth and nose instantaneously when applied by a trained doctor. It varies from patient to patient, but this can be used to clear up wrinkles on many areas of the face.

Here are some of the pros and cons of selection Juvéderm as a treatment.

Pros and Cons of Juvéderm


  • Minimally Invasive

    Using injection cosmetic surgeons can positively impact your appearance without the expense, discomfort and inconvenience of more advanced cosmetic procedures. With Juvederm, you’ll usually feel back to your usual self within just 36 hours.

  • Joseph A. Korkis, MD - LocateADoc.comJust One Treatment

    Although results can vary from patient to patient, a majority see immediate and lasting effects. “With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year,” Burlington, ON facial plastic surgeon Joseph A. Korkis, MD said.


  • Treatment is Not Permanent

    Unfortunately Juvéderm and other Botox treatments do not last forever. Juvéderm usually lasts for around 12 months for patients before they need to return for more treatments. However, you can easily get more injections as long as it is approved by your doctor.

  • Not a Good Option for Everyone

    You’ll want to discuss with a doctor the specifics of your situations before getting set on the idea of getting Juvéderm injections. There are lots of medical factors that can come up: i.e. if you have herpes zoster or herpes simplex outbreaks, the injection could trigger a flare-up. Most patients are fine to get injections, but it is best to talk with a doctor.

To find more information on Juvéderm, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation or pose a question to one of our ask a doctor panel of experts.

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  • Miley Cyrus is undergoing a makeover, freshening up her look with a spiky new haircut and to the surprise of many fans, augmenting her lips. Recent pictures of Miley show her with much a much thicker and larger pout, which could be the result of a lip augmentation procedure. Lip plumping treatments are among the most popular minimally-invasive treatments and are usually performed with some type of filler. Restylane and Juvederm are some of the popular injectable used to enhance the lips, and many people believe these fillers produce the most natural appearance.

  • A new TV show in Australia called The Shire recently spotlighted plastic surgery and featured the stars of the show having now qualms about treatments. The show’s stars Sophie and Vernesa aren’t afraid to show off their fake breasts in revealing tops and dresses, and are both sporting the infamous lip-enhanced pouts. Vernesa admits that she’s been told not to have any more filler treatments in her lips to prevent her lips from touching her nose. She undergoes Botox for the first time on camera.

  • Khloe Kardashian made headlines recently after the paparazzi caught her with the infamous “trout pout” – the result of too many injectable fillers in the lips. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister appeared to have some very swollen and lumpy lips after leaving a Beverly Hills salon last week and many are suspecting that that star had cosmetic surgery. Celebrity plastic surgery doctor Dr. Anthony Youn did not treat Khloe Kardashian but believes that the star did have some type of injectable filler. He tells, “Khloe has a trout pout! The excessively plump appearance of her lips could be due to injections of a filler like Juvederm. Her upper lip is larger than her lower lip, causing her mouth to resemble a trout’s. Most injectable fillers last about 6 months in the lips, so given enough time we may see her lips shrink to a smaller and more typical size.” Another plastic surgery doctor, Dr. Michael Fiorellio who is based in New York City, made a similar conclusion. He suspects that Khloe had some type of filler treatment because, “Her lips look swollen and bruised. The product looks lumpy as well”. Dr. Fiorellio is suggesting that this Kardashian sister had either Juvederm or Restylane injections to make her lips appear larger and fuller. Injectable fillers are among the most popular types of non-invasive cosmetic enhancements around the country, and are an attractive option for women who want to add volume to their lips, fill out hollows in their cheeks, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. They’re also more affordable than having surgery and can be a convenient option for those who don’t want to deal with the long downtime and recovery process associate with a surgical procedure like lip implants or a facelift.