Modern Family's Ariel Winter's Breast Reduction Teen Inspiration

ariel-winter-red-carpet - LocateADocAriel Winter is the perfect example of young American beauty. The 18-year-old Modern Family star has both the look of a young innocent girl with the inherent allure of a newly mature adult woman. Her amazing eyes coupled with a face that still has the flush of youth is an unbeatable and beautiful combination. Unfortunately for Ariel, what has added considerably to her sensual and visibly stunning air of a young woman is her ample breasts.

Ariel has been blessed with 32 F sized breasts which may sound like a desired asset at first. However, her breast size has caused her to have considerable back and neck pain as well as residual embarrassment. During awards show functions in the past, she was unable to fit into most dresses due to her breast size. Thus, she had been relegated to wearing the most form fitting dresses that caused her much shame and embarrassment. In addition, the internet would be filled with body shaming bullies who were asking why such a young girl would be wearing such mature clothes. This caused Ariel additional shame and embarrassment.

Ariel knew she had to make a change and underwent breast reduction surgery in June of 2015. After the surgery, she immediately felt as if she was given a new lease on life as she went from 32 F to 32 D sized breasts. Soon, she was showing up to the red carpet events looking no less than stunning. Her happiness seemed to know no limits. That is, however, until those same bullies started criticizing her for showing her breast reduction scars. Ever the sport with a level head, Ariel shrugged it off bravely and said that is a part of who she is.

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common surgeries that is performed. In fact, more than 100,000 surgeries are being performed yearly on women of all ages. However in women 18 and under, the surgery is more rare because the adolescent is still considered to be growing. This procedure has a very high success rate as most patients not only look better but feel better too.

This is a procedure in which the surgeon removes the nipple and takes out the excess fat and loose skin from the breast and reattaches the nipple. It is usually a two to five hour procedure that is done in an outpatient setting, although a one night hospital stay is not out of the ordinary. In addition, there are restrictions on physical activity for one month after surgery.

The patient should be equipped with gauze, bandages, and washcloths for when they return home after surgery. It is imperative that the patient is in fairly good physical health at the time of surgery and also must give up smoking for some time before the procedure.This is so the breast tissue may heal properly. In addition, most insurances tend to cover the procedure because it is considered reconstructive surgery.

However, most insurances require proof that the patient has undergone back and neck pain as well other problems such as trouble sleeping and carrying on normal activities such as exercising.

There are some special considerations for adolescents considering this surgery. The parents generally accompany the adolescent to the pre surgery consultation. During this session, the surgeon will discuss with the parents the risks of surgery versus benefits. One of the risks is that the patient may not be able to produce enough milk, if any at all, later in life when attempting to breastfeed a child.

In addition, another risk is that a further revision of surgery may be necessary as adolescents are technically still growing. Usually, the adolescent is not the first member of the family to undergo the surgery as many of the mothers have opted to have it done already. In fact, the trend is that the mothers are now bringing in their daughters with them so they may both have the surgery done together. This is so that the daughter does not have to wait so long and suffer needlessly. One of the upsides of a teenager having surgery done early is that their bodies tend to recover much quicker due to their young age.

Judging by the glow on Ariel Winter’s face lately, this surgery has been more than worth the time and money! The freedom from restrictions both mentally and physically for the petite 5 foot star has been nothing short of a miracle. The fact that she is also brave enough to show her surgery scars speaks volumes about her maturity. She is a role model for other young girls who may feel trapped by their breast size. The young Miss Winters is a trailblazer for other young girls as her results speak for itself. The resulting confidence is no less than miraculously transforming to both her style and spirit.

To find more information on breast reduction surgery, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or pose a question to our ask a doctor panel of experts.

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