Annual Eye Exams After LASIK: What You Need to Know

Finally you get to enjoy clear and crisp vision without the assistance of contacts or eye glasses. Your LASIK surgery was a complete success! Many LASIK patients think they can see clearly now, so there is absolutely no reason to ever visit an optometrist again. Unfortunately, this assumption is simply inaccurate. It is still imperative to go in for a general eye exam once a year after the LASIK procedure.

Although you can see clearly now, the doctor still needs to check up on your eyes. Here are things you really want and need to know about your eye exams after LASIK.

What You Need to Know About Annual Eye Exams After LASIK

  1. In order to maintain your enhancement policy with most LASIK surgeons, you must see an eye doctor once a year. It doesn’t need to be the same doctor that performed your LASIK, but it does need to be an optometrist. This can be any doctor that is within your insurance policy and conveniently located to you. Make sure your results are sent to your LASIK surgeon to make sure your enhancement policy stays in place.
  2. Even though you can see perfectly, it does not mean your eye is healthy. Eye exams helps to detect and treat glaucoma, freckles in the eye/thinning of the retina, and other eye diseases. These types of conditions can impact the quality of your vision for the long-term. Do not take this warning lightly! These diseases not only can dull your vision, but they can actually lead to blindness. An annual eye exam is to be taken very seriously. Most insurance plans cover an annual eye exam as preventative care for a reason.
  3. Vanessa M. Mills, O.D.It isn’t just the eyes! The eyes often show symptoms of other health issues you may have going on in your body. If an optometrist sees these symptoms they can help maintain your long-term health by recommending the next course of action you should take.“The list really goes on and on with the links of all of the systemic conditions that an annual eye exam can screen. Not only are 'your eyes the window to the soul,' but your eyes are the window to the rest of your body,” Charlotte, NC, Optometrist Vanessa M. Mills said.

Whether your vision is perfect or non-so-perfect, you really should take the time to make an annual appointment once a year. This will help ensure your eye is healthy for the long run.

To find more information on eye exams and LASIK surgery, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or pose your question to our ask a doctor panel of experts.


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  • Many diabetics struggle with keeping their blood sugar levels under control to maintain a steady level of energy and prevent many diseases.  Now, researchers confirm that blood sugar also plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyes, and diabetics can reduce their risk of vision loss by making changes in their diet and lifestyle.

  • LASIK and laser eye surgery procedures continue to be a popular option for treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but not everyone meets the requirements for this procedure. Conductive keratoplasty (CK) is one of the newest forms of refractive surgery and unlike other forms of eye surgery, uses radio waves and heat energy to reduce the size of the connective tissues around the cornea. This procedure is designed for patients suffering from hyperopia and presbyopia. The latest clinical results show that CK can produce more stable results than previously, and is now widely accepted by laser eye surgeons around the United States.

  • Twilight actress Judi Shekoni recently underwent the LASIK vision correction procedure at a Beverly Hills LASIK center and is now enjoying the successful outcome. The procedure was performed by LASIK eye surgery specialist Dr. Khanna, and involved a two-step process. Ms. Shekoni, who plays vampire Zafrina on the Twilight show, reports that she was a “nervous passenger” while undergoing the procedure but it was completely painless.