LocateADoc.com's Top 10 Ask A Doctor Questions

Ask A Doctor PhotosAfter looking at the top blog posts on LocateADoc.com in 2015 earlier this week, we also wanted to see what were the top 10 questions answered by the illustrious doctors participating on our Ask A Doctor panel.

These experts share their insights to questions from the LocateADoc.com community and these are the 10 most popular questions from the past year. If you have a question you would like answered, visit our Ask A Doctor section and submit your query to the LocateADoc.com Ask A Doctor panel which includes some of the doctors pictured here.

1. My daughter's toenail is growing in layers and keeps popping off. Is there anything that can help?

My 16 year old daughter have both of her big toenails growing in layers. When it get to a certain point, the toenail pops off. I've had her tested for fungus last year by a podiatrist and it came back negative. He could not help us from that point on. Is there anything you can do for her? I was told to try a skin specialist. Thank you.


2. After having my tubes tied, is it possible to use artificial insemination to get pregnant?

I had my tubes tied in 2008.but now that I am about to remarry.i would like to have another baby.is it possible to use artificial insemination with my eggs and his sperm to become pregnant? And if so how much would this cost us? Thank you so much for you time and reply!


3. Is this normal for a virgin to see the vaginal opening area without having to open the labia?

Hi.i have a question reguardin the vagina and labia.my labia is very weird it just sticks upwards and it dosnt even cover my vaginal opening area.it just way above it and sticks out.when i soread my legs my vaginal opening area is clearly visible without havig to spread anything.in your picures i have seen the vaginal opening area closed or stuck toether.is this normal for a virgin to see that area without having to open the labia?


4. How long can I expect the healing process for nipple necrosis?

How long can I expect the healing process for nipple necrosis. I had a breast reduction. One side healed beautifully, the other developed nipple necrosis. The nipple has been removed and I underwent another surgery to clean it up. Now I have a golf ball size hole from the nipple to the inside of the breast. The Dr. has been seeing it every day, and using gauze and betadine solution to pack the opening. Each time he has seen me since the debridement surgery he has cut out more dead tissue. He assures me it will heal from the inside out. It looks pretty awful to me, thankfully there is no pain, but I'm not sure that is good either. Any suggestions you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


5. What should I do after injecting cooking oil into my buttocks and breasts?

few years ago I injective myself my cooking oil. the areas was my buttocks and breasts. In the areas were I injected myself start it getting hard, but now they are slowly getting softer. What should I do?


6. What procedure can a 55 year old have done to improve dull, sagging facial skin?

I want to know if I could have alternative procedures done to get rid of dull, sagging, wrinkled, dry, very creased 55 yr old facial skin that is really old looking with deep frown line between eyes, and around mouth. thank you


7. Can I get my tubes fixed after being burned so I can have another baby?

I got my tubes cut and burned about 11 years ago almost 12 years ago and I'm 32 years old. Is it possible to get my tubes fixed so I can have another baby


8. How much does the StomaphyX procedure cost for a gastric bypass revision?

I am 12 years post op gastric bypass and was thinking of getting a revision. How much does the stomaphyx procedure cost?


9. What can I do about anhedonia and depression?

Feel irritability for 3 or 4 days. Then anhedonia for several days. Seem to have depression every 5 yrs or so. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder recurrent. I sometimes wonder if irritability could mean I have elements of bipolar disorder. What can I do?


10. Can laser remove hair on my chin and lip from thyroxin?

my dr recently put me on thyroxin. Since then the hair on my chin and lip have started growing fast. its not black hair its light in color. can laser remove this hair?



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