The Cost & Benefit of Caitlyn Jenner's Transformation

Caitlyn Jenner's transformation from a handsome and sexy man to a gorgeous and brazenly beautiful woman has made an indelible mark on American history. Bruce Jenner was once a famous and record­setting Olympian who has gone down in history as one of the greatest athletes.

However, underneath all the fame, talent, and boyish good looks was a man who was deeply conflicted. Although he was born Bruce Jenner, he felt a compelling need to be somebody else who just happened to be a woman. His outer appearance did not match the person that he felt that he was inside.

In the last few years, things came to an abrupt head after Bruce and Kris Jenner filed for divorce. At that point, Bruce could no longer hide his identity anymore and became determined to reveal to the world who he really was. This required enormous encourage and also set a precedence for others who were struggling with the same issue.

At this point, Jenner consulted with famous maxillofacial surgeon Harrison Lee and world ­famous plastic surgeon, Gary Alter, to help his dreams become a reality. This is when he decided to go undergo the lengthy and involved facial feminization surgery.

Feminization surgery is usually about a 12 hour procedure in which the face and its structure is completely transformed and restructured. This is an expensive surgery which costs approximately $70,000. It involves a number of procedures that are time­ consuming and involve sawing and burring. Feminization is not merely a facelift, but rather it is a complete transformation of the face.

The feminization surgery involves many moving parts. One component of the surgery is to lower the forehead which is also called advancing the scalp. In most males, the forehead is generally higher than a woman's forehead by at least two inches. Lowering the forehead itself involves an incision that runs from ear to ear and ultimately enables a lowering of the forehead. In addition, the shape of the forehead is completely restructured from a man's sloping forehead to a woman's softer and more rounded and tapered forehead.

The feminization surgery also involves rhinoplasty in which the nose is sculpted to a longer, thinner, and pointier shape. This is done because the average man's nose is longer and more fleshy and bulbous at the tip. As a result, this gave Jenner a more feminine and dainty appearance.

In addition, the temples around the eyes are usually filled in as many men tend to have hollows around that area. A tapering of the jaw is also performed which transforms the man's square, strong jaw into a softer and more rounded feminine jawline. This is often accompanied by a raising of the cheeks either through cheek implants or a cheek lift and lowering of lip height.

To round out the procedure, the Adam's apple, which sits at the top of the trachea, is reduced by a small surgical incision which tends to heal quickly and without much notice. The final cherry on top for Jenner was undergoing breast augmentation. This gave her that wow factor that turns heads wherever she goes.

Jenner has transformed herself from a man to a stunning and glamorous woman with class and grace. The courage which she displayed while undergoing this transition has enabled others to step forward and claim their identity. With the support and love of her family, Jenner has become a trailblazer for others who were too ashamed to be open about their true identities.

No matter what happens next, Caitlyn Jenner will go down in history as a proud woman of courage who made a way for others to also live their dreams.

To find more information on feminization surgery, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or ask a doctor your questions.


Photo by Disney | ABC Television

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