3 Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery for Women

female hair restoration picture - LocateADoc.comWhen we are younger, most of us take advantage of everything from wrinkle-free skin to a thick head of hair. When the hair begins to thin out, it can be an emotionally challenging time for many people, especially for women.

With new treatments available, you can restore your hair and confidence with low risk options. Hair transplant surgery is one of the better options out there for women. It is a simple outpatient procedure where existing hair is transferred from one area to another.

Despite many women out there who would love to know about a treatment, many do not know the basic facts about hair transplant surgery.

What You Need to Know about Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. The Procedure is a little different for women then it is for men

    Shelly Friedman, D.O.“Approximately 40 percent of Scottsdale Institute patients are women," Shelly Friedman, D.O. said about the difference. "The procedure for women is performed much the same way as for men, with the noted exception of where and how the follicular units are implanted due to hair loss patterns. You may have noticed already that male hair loss patterns look quite different from how women lose their hair. Unlike the receding hair lines and bald spots that men get, female pattern hair loss can be characterized as a general thinning of the hair.”

  2. It Isn’t the Same as Hair Plugs

    Although there are lots of jokes out there about hair plugs, it is important to know this procedure is not the same at all. Hair plugs are history. The new transplant surgery is virtually undetectable to an untrained eye.

  3. Recover Takes Time

    After the procedure, your scalp will feel tender for the first few days. You will be subscribed pain killers and other medication to help ease the healing process. Afterwards, you will be required to wear a protective cap to shelter the wound, so you may want to take a few days off of work.

Want to Learn More?

Although hair transplant surgery does cause a little bit of pain, it often offers patients an invaluable boost of confidence. Go in for a consultation if you want to see if hair transplants would be a good option for your specific situation.

To find more information on hair restoration for women, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or ask a doctor your questions.

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