Pros and Cons of Dental Implant Restoration

When you lose a tooth or two you face a lot of physical and mental challenges. One usually feels psychologically upset they lost their teeth on top of feeling uncomfortable about the new void in their mouth. It feels strange to chew, brush and even smile.

Luckily, thanks to modern technology, dental implants provide patients with a fantastic option for teeth replacement. Before going through with dental implant restoration, it is important to carefully consider the pros and cons of the procedure. We’ve made a basic list of the benefits and setbacks of dental implants for patients to ponder over before going in for a consultation.

Pros of Dental Implant Restoration

  1. Ruth S. Rosenberg, DMDThey Feel and Look Very Real

    “Compared to other kinds of dental restoration, dental implant is seen as one that can bring back closest the appearance and functioning of your natural teeth. This is so as implant is made usually of sterile titanium which is very durable to hold natural-looking porcelain crowns, and of course, the implant durability enables you to regain control of your biting force and speaking ability. Moreover, a capable dentist will see to it that your implant is customized to complement with your natural smile – that is, your smile before the lost tooth,” said Havertown, PA Dentist, Ruth S. Rosenberg, DMD.

  2. No Removal

    Although it will still be important to improve maintenance on your dental implants with flossing and brushing, you will not need to remove them for cleaning. For many, the act of removing teeth for dining, sleeping and other activities really lowers quality of life in a variety of ways. With dental implants they stay in your mouth.

Cons of Dental Implants

  1. Expensive Procedure

    Dental implants are not the most affordable option available for those who need teeth replaced. Consult with a doctor to get an accurate bid on what your dental implant will cost. Many patients opt out of this option due to the significant cost associated with it.

  2. Requires Maintenance

    In order to ensure your dental health, it will be imperative to brush and floss the dental implants as if they were real teeth. If you skip brushing and flossing the teeth you risk gum disease and bone loss. This also can lead to degradation of the implant.

Whether dental implants are the right dental choice or not, varies from patient to patient. To discuss the procedure further consider a consultation with a professional to see if dental implants are a good option for you.

To find more information on dental implants, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more or ask a doctor your questions.


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