5 Critical Benefits of Bypass Surgery Besides Weight Loss

gastric bypass picture - LocateADocAnyone who has carried around extra weight on the body knows that it impacts more than just your appearance. It can be a drag on your whole life. Returning to a healthy weight can feel as if you are taking your life back.

Gastric Bypass Surgery, a procedure that shrinks the size of the stomach, is a way to expedite the weight loss process. It also re-routes the digestive system, so that your body does not absorb as much food. The result is a tremendous amount of weight loss.

If you are considering whether bypass surgery is worth the investment or not, it is important to take in consideration the benefits beyond weight loss.

5 Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

  1. Improved Outlook

    Carrying extra weight often brings your attitude down as well. It can make it hard for one to feel happy, optimistic or motivated- all three of which are ingredients one needs to improve in all areas of life. Losing the weight helps lifts the spirits of an individual to do what they want with life.

  2. Anthony Galitsky, MD Picture - LocateADoc.comReduce Pain in the Joints

    Extra weight is difficult on the joint of the body and losing it can help the feel of joints tremendously. “Being overweight creates a lot of stress on the joints of the body. Bypass surgery facilitates weight loss and reduces the amount of stress that is placed on one’s joints, thus possibly reducing or eliminating joint pain,” Weight Loss Institute of Arizona's Anthony Glitsky, MD. said.

  3. Improves Sleep

    A big part of maintain healthy habits is getting enough sleep. Overweight and obese individuals often suffer from sleep apnea which disrupts the breathing during sleep making it impossible to sleep deeply. In majority of cases patients report drastically improved sleep post-operation.

  4. Improved Mobility

    Losing the weight makes it easy maneuver the body. This greatly improves one’s ability to walk and exercise making easier to maintain or even lose more weight.

  5. Motivation to Keep the Weight Off

    After such a drastic measure, it is the patient’s responsibility to maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle. This extra motivation helps countless people achieve a healthier way of living.

If you are on the fence about gastric bypass surgery, consider going in for a consultation to see if it is the right procedure for you. This is the type of procedure that can change your life for the better, and that is something we all can agree is worth investing in.

To find more information on gastric bypass surgery, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about the benefits of the weight loss surgery or ask a doctor more questions.

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