Top 3 Causes of Obesity

Unhealthy Food Picture - LocateADoc.comDespite the vast improvement in nutrition and technology, human health is on the decline. The obesity epidemic inflicts 1 out 3 adults in the United States. Obese and overweight individuals struggle with health problems ranging from Diabetes to cardiovascular disease. This is a serious problem which needs serious answers.

So where to start? For any problem it serves us best to first look at exactly what causes the issue. There is no mystery behind what causes obesity, so it can be prevented with enough effort. Here are three of the main problems that cause obesity.

What Causes Obesity

  1. Eating Unhealthy Food

    Elmer L. Valin, M.D.This is what New Haven, CT, bariatric surgeon, Dr. Elmer Valin said when asked about how unhealthy food contributes to weight gain: “One of the most common causes of obesity is overconsumption of unhealthy foods. So many foods today that are bad for you are relatively inexpensive and packed with calories: soda, candy, junk food, and fast food. While any of these in moderation is fine, many people tend to have unhealthy diets full of empty calories, sodium, saturated fat, and few nutritional benefits. If you are consuming far too many calories each day, you will steadily put on weight.”

  2. Off Balance Energy Exchange

    The only sure way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, and with the right knowledge one can shed the pounds slowly and surely. When an individual does not use up all the energy they get from the food they eat, that person begins to experience weight gain. Re-training the body to eat just enough or less food than one is accommodated to is no simple task. It makes it difficult for individuals to lose weight once they’ve put it on.

  3. The Environment

    Many people do not live in an environment that fosters healthy living. Your peers, grocer, entertainment and more all can consistently offer unhealthy selections that lead to weight gain. Learning to resist the temptation is not something easy for anyone, but it is especially difficult when the temptation is constantly present.

What to Do?

Do you notice any of these problems in your life? Think of ways to strategize getting around some of these problem areas to help drop the weight. The sooner you lose the weight, the sooner your health, mobility and outlook on life improve for the better, and that is something we all can appreciate.

To find more information on obesity, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about how to battle obesity or ask a doctor more questions.


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