Pros and Cons of Otoplasty

Ran Rubinstein, MD otoplasty before and after picture - locateadocWhen it comes to the aesthetic of your ears, you don’t realize how important it is until it is a problem. Ears that noticeably stick out can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance every single day. With just a minor cosmetic fix called otoplasty patients can correct the appearance of the ears. This procedure takes the ears in closer to the head for a more balanced appearance.

Like any procedures, patients must carefully weigh the pros and cons. We consulted with Ran Y. Rubinstein, M.D. to discuss the pros and cons of otoplasty and here is what he said.

Pros and Cons of Otoplasty

Pros of Otoplasty

Improves Confidence

If you’ve spent your life worrying about the appearance of your ears, you know what a toll this can take on your confidence. For a majority of patients, the results of otoplasty can make them feel like more confident than they’ve ever felt in their life.

Short Recovery Period

After the operation, you will want to take at least one week at home to aid in full recovery. During this time you will rest and carefully following procedure for proper care of the ears post-surgery.


Complications are extremely rare during this procedure. You can pretty much undergo the surgery without worrying about any risk it may pose to your health.

Cons of Otoplasty

Results Vary

Ran Y. Rubinstein, M.D.“Carefully discuss your expectations with your facial plastic surgeon during your initial consultation," Newburgh, NY, Plastic Surgeon, Ran Y. Rubinstein, M.D said. "Be specific about the changes you are hoping to achieve and listen closely to what your surgeon says. Many of the mistakes made during surgery are a result of miscommunication between patient and surgeon. If you ensure you’re on the same page, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of unsatisfactory results.”

Not Covered By Insurance

Most health insurance plans only cover otoplasty if it corrects a functional problem. If the operation is done solely for cosmetic reasons, it is likely your plan will not cover the procedure at all. Discuss this issue with a doctor to see what you can do to possibly get coverage for the procedure.


Invest in Yourself

If you are ready to make a big change to your appearance, consider going through with the otoplasty procedure. Consult with a board certified doctor to see if this procedure is a good option for your medical background and budget.

To find a qualified plastic surgeon, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about the pros and cons of Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) or ask a doctor more questions about the procedure.