Pros and Cons of Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

If you’ve never heard of Laser Genesis skin therapy, it is a resurfacing procedure for the skin that helps alleviate some of the signs of aging. By applying this technology, it not only improves the appearance of the skin, but it also leaves behind smoother and well-toned skin. The result is skin that looks rejuvenated and younger looking with just a simple visit to an aesthetic surgeon.

Before going through with the procedure, it is important to consider the pros and cons of Laser Genesis Skin Therapy. The following are some may point to ponder over before consulting with an aesthetic doctor.

Pros of Laser Genesis Skin Therapy


Laser Genesis is a YAG laser treatment that works by gently heating and warming the skin at a deep level via a laser. This laser emits 1064 nm wavelength into the skin, penetrating deeply into the dermis, creating a reaction to stimulate the collagen production process. All of this can be done with a simple out-patient procedure.

Sharon Bent-Harley, M.D.Works On All Skin-Types

The Laser Genesis skin therapy works on all skin types to increase collagen production. “The Laser Genesis procedure has been scientifically proven to produce new collagen,” Atlanta, Georgia's Sharon Bent-Harley, M.D said.

Treats Skin Conditions like Acne and Rosacea

If you are suffering from painful and unpleasant conditions of acne and rosacea then the Laser Genesis Skin therapy procedure provides relief from the symptoms. Then gentle stimulation of the skin will help improve the aesthetic of the skin while diminishing uncomfortable effects of these conditions.

Cons of Laser Genesis Skin Therapy

Takes More Than One Visit

Although you will see results after just on visit, most doctors will recommend coming in for around six visits to get the optimal treatment for the skin. You’ll need to make sure to budget for each visit to complete the treatment.

Need to Stay Out of Sunlight

During the duration of the treatment one should avoid constant exposure to the sun. If you are constantly outside due to outdoor hobbies or work, you will want to further discuss with a doctor if the laser treatment is a good option for your lifestyle.


There are lots of pros and some cons to the treatment, but it ultimately varies by each patient as to whether Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an appropriate option or not. If you are ready to renew your skin to a smoother and younger look then consult with an aesthetic surgeon regarding whether this treatment is right for you.

To find a qualified aesthetic doctor, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about the benefits of Laser Genesis Skin Therapy or ask a doctor more questions about the treatment.


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