Pros and Cons of Getting a Nose Job

Nose Job before and after picture - LocateadocIf you are considering a nose job, there are lots of pros and cons to consider before deciding whether or not this is an investment of time, money and energy you want to make. Ultimately, like any elective surgery, this operation is not well-suited for everyone, but it can be a life changing experience for those who go through with the procedure.

Here are some pros and cons of getting a nose job to consider before calling up a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation:


It Boosts Self Esteem

The nose is a sensitive subject for many people who go into the procedure in the hopes of changing their appearance for the better. The procedure offers invaluable psychological benefits that can improve how patients feel about their appearance. Patients who get the procedure often enjoy a great sense of confidence which is a major, if intangible, benefit to the surgery.

Aesthetic nose jobs actually can improve the appearance of the aesthetic of the nose, and it is the most common reason for patients to get the procedure. Nose jobs can improve facial symmetry, nose shape, proportional size and straightness of the nose.


It Is Uncomfortable

Chances are if you’ve consider a nose job, you’ve heard the horror stories about how painful it can be through friends, television or other mediums. The reality is that most patients don’t even need pain killers for a nose job. Despite the lack of pain it is still an uncomfortable process where your sinuses are packed with bandages making it hard to breathe with a dry throat and mouth.

Christopher Nolan, MD pictureIt Will Not Completely Alter the Shape of your Nose

Do not expect the nose job to completely shape of your nose. According to a Laguna Hills, CA plastic surgeon who performs nose jobs regular, Christopher Nolan, MD:

“It cannot take your nose and mold and shape it into some idealized nose of a model or other person, creating a brand new nose on your face. Consider rhinoplasty an operation which gives your nose a smaller, more delicate shape. It is a more refined version of the old nose and it is a shape which blends naturally with the rest of one’s facial features.”

To avoid disappointment a patient should go into the patient with realistic expectations, so that they are not disappointed by the results of the procedure.

To Get a Nose Job or Not Bother

Ultimately a serious discussion between the patient and the doctor will need to take place to determine whether a patient wants a nose job or not.

To find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about rhinoplasty (nose job).

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