5 Facts About Bariatric Plastic Surgery

So you’ve lost the weight- congratulations! Unfortunately, you may now be face with a less dire problem: loose and sagging skin. Losing weight takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, so it can be upsetting for those successful in their weight loss goals to encounter the skin problems that can come with it. Fortunately, bariatric surgery provides a cosmetic solution to this issue, so patients can further enjoy the results of their weight loss goals finally being achieved.

Like any procedure, there is a lot to know about bariatric plastic surgery. Here are five facts about this procedure to help you consider whether this operation is a good option for you or not.

The Five Must-Know Facts Regarding Bariatric Plastic Surgery

  1. Before even considering the procedure, you want to wait for your wait to stabilize. This mean there is little to no fluctuation of body weight for a time period of around six months. This gives the body time to heal and stabilize before going through with the procedure.
  2. Barry L Eppley, M.D., D.M.D.The length of the procedure can be quite lengthy compared to other procedure. Avon, IN Plastic Surgeon Barry L Eppley, M.D. said, “Body contouring surgery, also known as bariatric plastic surgery, includes a long list of operations that can be done from the neck down to the knees. Bariatric plastic surgery is unique in that many of the operations are long.” So patients and their friends and family should be prepared for a long wait time during the operation.
  3. The length of the operation has little to do with results. Variations between patients, areas of surgery and the doctor’s technique can all cause different lengths for the procedure. If you are shopping around for different plastic surgeons, length of the operation isn’t the best point of comparison.
  4. The recovery from bariatric plastic surgery is vital, and it is important patients follow all of the instructions from the doctors to avoid scarring, infection and worse. A key part to recovery will involve draining the fluid from the wound to avoid infection, and this weeping of the wound may last anywhere from two days to two weeks.
  5. It will take anywhere from three to eight weeks for patients to truly begin the stage of recovery where they are starting to feel better.

With all of these considerations in mind, patients should discuss with a doctor whether bariatric plastic surgery is a good option for them!

To find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon, find a doctor in your area and get a consultation to learn more about its benefits.

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