Butt Injections vs Augmentation: Your Options for Derriere Enhancement

Photo-of-butt-injections-vs-augmentation-LocateADocWith the popularity of entertainers like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea, more and more people are embracing the beauty of a bigger backside. If you aren't naturally blessed with one, you have plenty of options to get one. Butt augmentation and butt injections are two cosmetic options to help you get a curvier derriere as quickly as possible.

Here's what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the two:

Butt Augmentation

Augmentation involves placing two silicone rounds under the muscles of the buttocks, giving them an instantly rounder, plumper shape. The backside will look firm and plump with no dimpling. However, the buttocks will also feel hard to the touch, not soft and natural. While some may prefer this -- enjoying a more "muscled" look and feel -- others may not like it.

Implants also come with higher risk and longer recovery time. For example, the implant could be rejected, could become infected or could move out of position. With proper care, these risks can be minimized. Recovery is about four to six weeks for implants, and you won't be able to sit on your behind for much of that time.

Butt Injections

With injections, fat is taken from another area on your own body and then placed in your buttocks. This may be great if you have fat you want to slim down in another area of your body, but it could be problematic if you are naturally slim. If you don't have enough fat, your doctor may advise you to gain weight before getting the injections.

Typically, injections have fewer side effects since the fat is taken from your own body, and the healing process is much quicker. However, you may need to get multiple injections to get the results you want since the fat can easily be re-absorbed or redistributed in the body.

Ultimately, the choice you make between butt augmentation or implants will depend upon your goals and your comfort level. Talk to your doctor to weigh the pros and cons of each to make the right choice.

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